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Let Hydrology Ring With Freedom From Laypeople

President of the United States of America

Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Email president@whitehouse.gov



Dear Mr. Obama,



Claiming a new dawn to America leadership warrants a perfect opportunity to question USPTO institutional role as well as make it respect science guidelines and principles


We share something in common. You neither dreamed of becoming the American President nor did I dream of being any inventor pursuing a ‘scientific discovery’. You decided to do yourself what others were not doing. I was forced to be on my own as my institution invested a million dollar on my PhD but could not stand my honesty ousting me from a due job I got fairly on public contest. I just assumed that my personal achievement was strong enough to let me sponsor my own scientific curiosity as an entrepreneur. I neither care for fame nor wealth beyond making enough to raise my family decently. You are the most powerful man on earth while I just want my science honored as it will take place sooner or later. You have power but I just have knowledge seeing no difference of dying poor and unknown or wealth and famous.


It is likely that dishonesty and Violation of science are the main causes of failing leadership in the US. Also, we are facing a turning point on human evolution as food chase man and excessive machinery makes our muscles obsolete. Easy food and sedentary life is the unavoidable devastation of modern life as we inherited a wild appetite and low commitment to fitness.


Let’s start simple; we neither eat money nor human physiology responds to wealth. Capitalism can succeed only if wisdom makes human bodies the most valuable asset on property management to care for accordingly.


Americans are today 33% obese feeding a predicted trend to reach 80% by 2040 if no leadership changes it.


If obesity is a personal bankruptcy in the health bank then the financial meltdown is just minor ailment to a sickening nation.


Mr. Obama, my ‘scientific discovery’ will deliver a revolution to Hydrodynamics when the books I studied to get PhD at Penn State Univ. stop being ignored by government employees at USPTO. Bill Clinton was the speecher of my commencement on May 10, 1996 and he was already promising a new future for people who could deliver it.


§ Four bills suggested below have insights to bring broad changes forever on human endeavors.


Top minds are shrewd and they know that my PhD textbooks sitting on my shelves in front of me cannot be worthless.


I will not allow laypeople disrespect advanced science simply because knowledge prevails over time. My first demand to the new leader of the United States of America is to pass a bill ensuring that Hydrology be handled by certified Hydrologists in the USPTO. How hard is to convince Lawmakers that Hydrology needs to be handled by Hydrologists on advanced technology that deals with Hydrology?


1§ Hydrology must be handled by a certified Hydrologist academically trained in Hydrology science.


LOGICS: I knew I had bumped to a huge gap in Hydrology (‘scientific discovery’) as I quoted it at US 6,766,817 Pg.2 L. 60: ‘Specialized scientific literature about unsaturated zones also recognizes this shortcoming. For example: "Several differences and complications must be considered. One complication is that concepts of unsaturated flow are not as fully developed as those for saturated flow, nor are they as easily applied." (See Dominico & Schwartz, 1990. Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology. Pg. 88. Wiley).’


LOGICS: Hydrologists will move toward fluidic devices applications in the patenting affairs bringing their deep expertise of Classic Hydrology from Geosciences helping to develop thousands of new patents updating knowledge in the patenting system taking advantage of new conceptions in Hydrodynamics regarding fluids moving on porosity.


LOGICS: It is your duty to protect my science Hydrology from laypeople spoiling it. If Lawyers are the unique professionals to handle Law issues, why Hydrology can be handled by non-Hydrologists? Am I stupid, Mr. President? Isn’t it embarrassing to have to come to the President of the United States to demand USPTO to respect Hydrology and stop issuing flawed patents that harm my IP rights and my PhD textbooks?


Mr. Obama, as a Lawyer from Harvard you are deeply aware that Law issues are handled only by Lawyers protecting Ethic boundaries. As a scientist PhD in Soil Science/Spatial Applied Hydrology from Pennsylvania State University I believe that Hydrology should be only handled by Hydrologists allowing appropriate personnel to handle a subject they were trained for when examining patent applications. Fair examination comes from experts doing their duties on a field they understand it.


BIAS - my PhD Hydrology Textbooks have no wick/wicking terminology registered. There is a shameful break of Ethics going on by Inventors, Patent Attorneys, and even Patent Examiners neglecting Hydrology science in the USPTO on patenting affairs in the last century. My patents were the first to mention about ‘Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow in the Patenting System even it was coined in 1907 by Egard Buckingham.


FRAUD - The situation is much worse than you can imagine and has merit for a deep investigation (also I had an inside tip that odd things are going on in the underlying functioning of USPTO). It is not a casual mistake by a junior Patent Examiner, but a Senior Examiner that is Supervisor and Director. Ms. Gladys J. P. Corcoran already issued 201 patents in her approving log. This is really intriguing since she cited my patent (US 6,766,817) three months earlier before allowing a shameful flawed patent that not only infringes mine, but also doe not work. My issued patent is a classical document with easy explanation and clear teaching on the subject and is being violated by flaws from laypeople.


Why Advanced Science can be infringed by flaws from laypeople in the USPTO?


Mr. Obama de flaw is so basic that your daughters Malia and Sasha can verify playing gardening learning from a video I put online (http://revver.com/watch/160663). The second figure of US 7,285,255 (right) has a flaw hurting science because the ‘wick’ needs to cross the water table reference between Unsaturated and Saturated Hydraulic Zones on the second figure for water to drop. Also for the experts it is known in Hydrology that no oil lamp has a fluid flow downward within the Unsaturated Hydraulic Zone. I am curious how the Patenting System could mention so much about wicks if it is not even a technical expression of Hydrology but is in the patent classification system.


Who takes advantage by ignoring HYDROLOGY science on patenting affairs?


Another question on such case is that Ecolab is the assignee of those flawed patents. Ecolab is a multinational that hires about 23,000 employees worldwide and has a budget of 5 billion dollars.  Was Ms. Corcoran bribed to allow a flawed patent that infringed an issued patent that she already referred to? Or was she just negligent or incompetent for not knowing advanced Hydrogeology as required on her duty? Did she read my patents she referred to?


Pursuing a ‘scientific discovery’ during 10 years I got no single penny from it yet because blatant distortions in the patenting system allows large parties circumventing my claimed right taking advantages of loopholes handled by non Hydrologists. You can imagine if you had tried to raise your family with two beautiful girls having no income during ten years. I have three children and two of them were born during my PhD at Penn State University. Mr. Obama, my family thinks that my PhD textbooks are useless because some people in your country are failing on their responsibility and honesty. The media is saying that you accumulated so far over five million dollars. I got no money to raise my family and send my kids to school because US government employees are failing shamefully on their duties dishonoring my PhD textbooks harming science from a higher education I got in the US.


The USPTO is blatantly distorted that lay expressions for fluidic devices like wick not found on hydrology textbooks in already ingrained in the patenting structure system inside a public institution circumventing advanced science and disrespecting common knowledge.


For near a century a deep bias against Hydrology in the patenting system depict a huge technological gap easy of comprehension by tracking outstanding conceptions of conductivity of issued patents bellow:


68,134    “Thermal/Heat Conductivity”

49,352    “Electrical Conductivity”

     473    “Hydraulic Conductivity”  

       19    “Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity”  (negative flow)


Hydrology is the science of fluids and it must be the backbone of fluidic devices in the Patenting System.


The expression wick/wicking is not found on my Hydrology PhD textbooks just because it bears Thermodynamics requirements and a restricted Hydrology upward toward a flame. Only laypeople use it as can be seen in thousands of issued patents never gauging their fluid dynamics – Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity (K = mm3/mm2/time).


 23,849    “Wick or Wicking”


Mr. Obama, around 130 students attended with me the discipline Geo 452 Hydrogeology with Dr. Richard Paryzek in the fall of 1992 at The Pennsylvania State University. I warned Mr. Bush and now I am warning you that the US is a developed country with plenty of competent professionals in Hydrology to avoid flawed patents at USPTO.


“It is a shame when advanced science is violated by flawed patents by laypeople that even do not work.”


Be aware that my ‘scientific discovery’ invalidates around 100,000 issued patents making them technically obsolete. It also opens room from another 200,000 new patents exploiting new conceptions in hydrodynamics. I have a patent application on energy (20040237529) that could help Americans to become more independent on oil addiction in 10 years as you promised during your election by employing new conceptions of mass flow dynamics


Mr. President, since 2006 in written communication I have been demanding USPTO to stop a massive infringement on my issued patent rights suggesting the following below:


1.       Hire Examiners with background in Hydrogeology and/or Soil Physics so that they have full comprehension of fluids moving on porosity;

2.       Cancel issued patents with scientific flaws. Obsolete patents are cancelled naturally by becoming outdated;

3.       Make a public statement about Hydrology negligence hurting all Hydrological community as well as my project that needs experts in Hydrology to protect the content of my issued claims.

4.       Compensate for my losses since as an inventor filing patents I was not expecting lay people handling hydrology in the examination process by USPTO.

5.       Since USPTO is failing to protect my IP rights my patents should be eligible for time extension of their expiration dates (new demand).


It is your duty to expel laypeople from the USPTO and put professionals that understand advanced science holding on Hydrology scientific literature. Making honesty prevail in your government fosters my ‘scientific discovery’ and expands the boundaries of knowledge to human affairs.


Optionally you can close USPTO because the system is so distorted that my two partners American Patent Attorneys owning 45% of my IP royalties quit on the project believing that my Science is not strong enough to face a Flawed Law System in the US which can make lay people overtake advanced science.


USPTO must display the resume of their Examiners so the public will understand their due expertise on patent examination. I would not approve 90% of issued patent from my area Soil Science for simple technical reasons. I contacted near three thousand examiners (http://tubarc.blogspot.com/) that have addressed Hydrology in some extent and it seems that none of them is a Hydrologist.


Respecting science brings many insights to help Americans face many problems facing nowadays, like curbing the spread of obesity and mend economic system meltdown.


Capitalism cannot surrender to speculation instability as capital neither should be created by greed nor vanish by fears.


Some Insights – Honesty is the main guidance for any Head of State. Any sort of leadership embracing honesty should work for their citizens if solidarity, respect, and share of common resources reach each individual. Brazil is a fake democracy that 20% of public assets is lost to corruption according to reports. Also, the US is a fake democracy that greedy people penetrates the government spoiling the economy and science making the leading country of the world a big loser spoiling nature principles hurting itself.


PhD? Fixing Science in the CORE: Since you are President of the United States of America I have to tell you about my PhD experience at the Pennsylvania State University 92-96. I reached the conclusion that most scientists do not know how to make science. Higher education institutions are not teaching PhD students about basics of Philosophy of Science. I had to school myself on Theory of Science. Theory of Science provides the guidance for science underlying functioning, like such guidelines below:


Epistemology: “What can I know and how do I know that I know it?”

Metaphysics: “What really exists in the universe?”

Logics: “What is the best way to setup my thinking in order to make my ideas as clear as possible?”

History of Science: It teaches the evolution of science.


Most PhDs do not understand much the breath of their own titles. Science is being distorted and inflated by a need to promote institutional budgets and support the economy on profitability.


If science was doing its job fairly the richest country in the world would not be the most spoiled toward nature functioning.


2§ All graduate students receiving a title of Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D.) must attend a discipline of Philosophy of Science in order to learn about Theory of Science to  understand the underlying functioning of science.


LOGICS: Titles cannot be figurative. Higher education institutions will start releasing scientists that understand the fundamental of their titles and how to make science in the principles.


Science is not what you think since there are clear limitations on comprehension regarding time and space that restrict our ability to understand. Future is yet to come as ancient past was not recorded.


Science does not explain everything simply because of evident limitations’.


Hurting Science - Nobel Prize: Mr. Alfred Nobel made two huge mistakes in his entire life. The first one was developing science on WMD producing dynamite helping governments to decimate millions of humans. By producing explosives for governments waging wars Mr. Nobel got wealthy and also regretful using his fortune for another mistake. The second one was to put price on science. ‘Any knowledge produced is valuable independently on how many times an article is read or how much profit it can generate’. For example, a vaccine against a disease that disappears should neither be read nor make money until the disease strikes back again if it does. Since we do not want diseases coming back and we are indeed thankful to a scientist developing knowledge making our struggling always safer, knowledge must be always valuable if it coheres with nature functioning. Good scientists understand that fame or wealth is not the rewards for unlocking nature secrets but just a pleasure of guiding our species toward a promising survival. Modern life is spoiling human existence as we negligently fat ourselves like pigs in a pigpen – abundant food and no body exercise.


Sorry to be honest, but people bearing Nobel Prizes are connected to human disgrace on wars and violation of science toward profitability.


Violation of Science - Unhappily most good things for humans is not that profitable. Healthy humans popping no pills, sticking to decent diets, and keeping fit bodies may not trigger the economy, only themselves. Government cannot pretend to understand: for example, Milk is a food very good for the economy and for money making but improper for human feeding as around 40% of adults lose their capacity to digest lactose. Milk is a food developed by mammal females during millions of years to feed newborns. As humans grow up, lactase the enzyme do digest the carbohydrate of milk, is discontinued. Undigested lactose in the gastrointestinal tract becomes a source for bacterial proliferation leading to acidity and gases with frequent diarrhea. On the other hand, fruits are the best food for humans as man seems to come from apes having fruits in the diet since the beginning of times. While living the US 92-96 I had a chance to observe that the best food for humans are made expensive and the price does not drop, even in the harvesting season because of government interferes on offer-demand Laws. Fruits are low in energy and rich in water, fiber, minerals and vitamins. As consequence of this misguided policy toward nutrition Americans are 33% obese, 64% overweight, 40% of its population take vitamin pills, and 22 millions of Americans are diabetics.


Creation: Nobody was there in the beginning to understand or to know precisely how everything happened. Unhappily scientists burning their intellectual power on such issues should spend more time understanding how to take care of their own bellies and have a healthier life style pursuing a balance with nature and praising to be part of a life cycle while allowed. How we came here is not that relevant as how to stay in balance and go ahead safely in this precious journey toward future. Science will not explain how life started because there was no recording system at that time and Logics to make it again is just an educated guess always bearing doubts between plausibility versus reality. We have to be honest about the limitations of science; we do not know about the creation. Evolution seems to be more consistent but distracting from important issues dealing with your present is not that wise.


Global Warming: Pay attention about this coherence. All CO2 released back to the atmosphere was there in the past in the early beginning of life. This is a logical set of reasoning difficult to challenge as when life started there was no fixed carbon until CO2 started being captured to produce organic matter. All the environmental conditions for life to start were good enough. Consequently, burning carbon back to atmosphere should not be as bad as scientists are claiming. Curbing obesity and defending a healthy life style should solve most problems humans face nowadays. Be aware that Global Warming is becoming a distraction from the major problems humans are facing like obesity. I worked with spatial climatic anomalies taking place in the Amazon basin. Global warming is a modeling prediction bearing no measurements of cause-effect interactions.


Economic System: The economic system was invented around 10,000 years with the birth of agriculture and should be important to allow humans to exchange values among themselves. Creation of money should not come from speculation, but production or service. Greed makes a high rate of capital creation as fear makes it vanish fast. If you want a stable economy you have to send Wall Street to Las Vegas and let people understand the difference between gambling and investing. Innocent people were gambling without knowing it and lost important assets for their retirement or college education. Government is not supposed to support disguised gambling alternatives threatening the economic functioning of society. Any honest investment is supposed to return the capital and a bit as profit for lending the resources. People wanting to get wealthy fast should try their luck in Las Vegas betting without compromising the entire society or the world economic functioning.


Whenever the risk of the investment is set to the investor it becomes a gambling conception. The world economy should not be affected by gamblers mood, greed, or fears.


3§ Any basic investment becomes a financial operation that the main asset is protected and must return to the investor at the end of the operation.

   § Investment must not be transferred to third parties to avoid speculation and threatening the stability of the economy.


LOGICS: This basic rule should avoid any world economic instability against greed and fear. Investors will come back with confidence that the risk of losing their assets is indeed transferred to those ones who employ the money and be responsible with their duties applying someone’s resources. Gamblers and opportunists will stop distorting the economic system on their greed for fast wealth and deceiving maneuvers.


Coherence: Investors cannot take the risk because they have no control on money use. If large party companies want to sell stocks, they are supposed to return the money back plus dividend. Marketing stocks is a disguised gambling sponsored by governments. Stocks values as result of offer/demand change values based on greed or fears.


Financial turmoil comes from worldwide combined effect of greed or fears making money procreate or vanish.


Winner or Loser – Leading toward a cliff: Perhaps the gambling system of Wall Street was the capital sucking sinkhole in the world helping the US over time achieves a GNP of 14 trillion dollars. Recent economic meltdown is making this reckoning spread all over the world inverting the capital creation to vanishment. About half of US GNP disappeared last year in the stock market. There is a price for this achievement as Americans are derailed of their balance with nature as obesity in the US is much higher than famine in Africa. Is the US a winner or a loser? Media sell high famine and hide obesity just as consequence of marketing selling information within freedom of speech.


Modern Life and Invention: Man always dreamed having plenty of food, as well as devices and machinery to replace human work. Mr. President, as a Lawyer from Harvard you do understand that humans agreed to lose their rights to walk naked over the surface of earth as they are born. There is a decency Law forcing humans to cover their genitals. All animals in balance with nature walk around naked. This is a cultural acceptance of covering human genitals. How are you going to make a new cultural acceptance that food cannot be eaten beyond healthy requirements of normal body weight? How are you going to make a new cultural acceptance that machinery can do all work but humans are not allowed living a sedentary life because their unhealthy lifestyle can bring many disasters to society. The Patenting System is in the same track as Wall Street, disrespecting science, allowing multiple patent filing, distorted etymology, disguised vocabulary, hiding inventors and horde of Patent Attorneys pushing beyond their Ethics and harming science within their own boundaries.


4§ As citizens are eating food beyond their requirements and excessive machinery also prevent  burning extra calories, it becomes  mandatory a health prevention control that each citizen is weighed at their birth dates in order to allow a survey for those ones keeping a healthy lifestyles becoming eligible for government tax deduction.

   § Individuals bearing a BMI (Body Mass Index) smaller than 25 are entitled to 7% of reduction in IR tax duties.

   § Individuals bearing a BMI between 25 and 30, considered overweigh are entitled 3% of reduction in IR tax duties.

   § Individuals bearing body fitness are entitled to additional 3% of reduction in IR tax duties.

§ For the weighing purpose pound decimals are disregarded to compensate daily variations.

§ Individuals with low body fat in a different body frame should be waved on BMI index accordingly.

§ Additional weighting dates are optional at the IR due dates.


§ In order to provide guidance to body fitness it becomes an official requirement citizen to abide to the following rules below also seeking medical advice if needed:

§ Vigorous sport activity of at least 20 minutes three times a week, or;

§ Walk at least 50 minutes five times a week.


§ Public Fructification – the government promotes on public lands whenever possible to have fruit plants producing the best food to feed humans.


LOGICS: Rewarding good citizens instead of punishing bad ones may bring the required results on such delicate issue. Healthy citizens will provide much less burden on society deserving some relieve on taxes for personal contribution.

LOGICS: Initially one-third of obese Americans will not get any tax relief. Another third of overweight Americans will get a small tax break and encouragement to shed pounds and get fit to increase their tax relief. All Americans will be lured to keep a good healthy lifestyle and fit to collect less tax. Healthier Americans deserve a break on tax relieve since they are going to be a much less burden on society, mainly the health system.

LOGICS: Americans learning how to mend themselves on their lifestyles should lead the world to a new trend more amenable with nature balance allocating humans as the center of environmental education.


Mr. Obama, you got the ticket for change but for the long endurance I call it Honesty and respect to nature.


Modern life is not making human existence better simply because diplomas are bringing money and not healthier lifestyles.


Education is not a solution to social problems if knowledge acquired is just used to increase income instead of healthier lifestyles.


I neither believe in Heroes nor in saviors because each one has to care for their lives. However, if everybody does what I do one-third of your problems are solved and another third is prevented to get worse. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wHDG1HX2jA).


The root of the economic crisis comes from gamblers making money appear and disappear messing the economic system in the same way that lay people spoil science making human existence corrupted.


Only in the US about 7 trillion dollars vanished from fears in the economic gambling in 2008. In the past a poor decision is Washington led to near a trillion dollars of public money wasted in the Iraq war and probably more than 100 thousand casualties. Last year around 200 thousand Americans had baric surgery impairing themselves on a struggle against obesity war.


The Lion King = human fantasy since nature tell us that in the wilderness there is neither a King nor a Kingdom, but many species interacting in a complex environment we are part of.


Perhaps you do have some power and could guide humans to a safer balance with nature functioning. Humans claiming to be intelligent should cope with major dilemmas threatening their survival. Life has an optimistic resilience encouraging us to solve our present problems and be ready for new ones coming up down the line.


Humans are born wearing no clothes but government supports a Law prohibiting citizens to walk naked in public. It is time to make Laws requiring citizens to control their weight and fitness, as well as making safe investment protected from misguided gambling allowing a stable economy thrive.


Patent Examiners must be scientists and not Lawyers since it is not a question of rights but of knowing.


Lawyers messed with the economic system for gambling and with the Patent System for profiting. Invention is not a Law issue, but science that handles boundaries of knowledge and existence.


Sorry, Mr. Obama from now on you cannot say that you did not get it!  As a scientist I have to disclose deep insights hard to ignore. Honesty is the unique tool to make your term outstanding far beyond your skin color.


Body weight = Input – output                                             energy equation                                   personal control

Investment = investment + profit                                      modest profiting                                  borrower risk

Gambling = Investment + risk (gain/loss)                      clear/disguised betting                      gambler risk


The simple purpose of life is solving problems abiding to Nature that is taking care of us since the early beginning. Our human bodies are still tuned to a time when there was no cooking, no plowing, no driving, no pollution, no pills, no money, and no property.


As scientist I prefer seeing people naked than fatty or broken. The underlying reasoning points out that they are just victims of misguided leadership corrupting the principles.


I like the idea that God = Nature and life is already a miracle requiring no mysticism, writing no holy books, no promised lands or afterlife. There has been plenty of killings in God’s name and none on nature behalf.


Mr. President, I am writing to you because I believe to be in the interest of the United States of America that advanced science is not violated by flaws in the patenting system by laypeople that have no knowledge in Hydrology. I had to make some additional contribution because your people deserve a better future.



Mr. Obama, I propose you to create a ‘new science’ (Hydrotechnology) in order to exploit this gap in the patenting system certainly offering thousands of jobs and a new academic and technological area focusing on Water and Energy Cycles.



It can be defined as Hydrogeology applied to advanced artificial porosity for fluidic devices. A science to handle man made porosity and all its chemical, physical, and dynamic principles on solid:liquid;gas interactions.



1.       Hydrogeologists, Soil Scientist, Geologists, etc do not work with artificial porosity just soil and rocks.

2.       Many professionals handling fluidic devices in the patenting system have no Hydrogeology background as shown above.


Hydrotechnologists will be like Hydrogeologists working with artificial porosity and bearing appropriate background to support a creation of 100,000 to 200,000 new patents on mass flow transport as well as the scientific and technological development.


A solid new science offers long enduring safe jobs to keep talented people busy developing new technological and businesses frontiers. The solution of my problems can be extended to many others eager for new opportunities.


It seems that opportunity warrants bold challenges. I will be looking forward to discuss such ideas in case there is any interest on the subject. 



Nature blesses you and the United States of America.


Kind regards,


Campinas, Brazil, January 20, 2009



Elson Silva, Ph. D.

Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 838

Parque São Quirino

CEP 13088-300 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Phone 55 *19 3256-7265

Email: el_silva@uol.com.br 




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