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Capital Dynamics

President of the United States of America

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Dear Mr. Obama,



Using data collected during 40 years on 533 weather stations throughout the Amazon Basin I was able to grab important spatial dynamics of rainfall distribution patterns employing appropriate spatial analytical tools. This work allowed me to prove three hypotheses and get my PhD honored and accomplished in 3.5 years. Recently I learned that Americans are taking 7 years to finish PhD and half of them quit on the way.


Analytical tools can be employed to understand dynamics of many variables, including the economic ones.


Capital Dynamics:


I have been playing with some analytical insights to figure out the underlying functioning of the global financial meltdown as follow:


Lost and Found Conceptions:

Many objects lost can be found so that institutions may have a department to handle lost objects returning them to their owners.


Money can be lost on two ways in the financial market.


1. Lost by transfer.  

A person loses his wallet but somebody finding it can spend the money keeping it cycling in the economy.


2. Lost by destruction.

A person loses his wallet in a fire and the money is burned being out of circulation definitively.


Last year only in the US the stock exchange lost by destruction 7 trillion dollars that is considered out of circulation forever. This economic crisis that started in the US and spread globally may have contributed to vanish around 15 trillion dollars worldwide. UN  predicted a consequence of 50 million jobs to shed due to this economic downturn.


The approved stimulus package of less than a trillion dollars may provide some sort of relief to a crisis that destroyed about 7 trillions in the US. However the amount destroyed in one year in the stock exchange takes around 5 to 10 years to be created.


Mr. Obama, when a person loses his wallet in a fire it becomes a challenge to claim any loss because there is no way to provide any information about the content lost. The Stock exchange system tracks the stocks allowing losses be reimbursed to owners. It is a good deed retuning money that was meant to pay retirement or college fees, or even charity institutions endowments.


Why to do it?

There are 50 million jobs losses to prevent ensuring a better leadership to the world. A simple smart management in the economic system could avoid such catastrophe.


Transforming stocks to fixed rate investment could give all governments a strong tool to restore destroyed capital back to previous values curbing destructive power from fears. Investors would accept a deal to transform their stock to the purchasing value plus interest rates (2% a year?) with a minimum moratorium (2 year?} for the companies to allow programmed withdrawing.


There is a very fair reasoning since the capital destroyed existed previously originating from many sound sources. Good part of healthy money can be restored to its integrity curbing a worldwide damaging financial crisis worsened by combined effect of fears.


I estimate that there was a general loss around 30% of stocks worldwide; it means that money in such stock applications should be around 50 trillion dollars which allowed about 15 trillions to be destroyed and harm the global economic system.


I believe that 50% to 70% of money lost in the stock can be recovered back as a fixed rate investment meaning 3 to 5 trillion dollars returning to the economy in the US to the purchasing values plus interest rates of the period.


Converting stocks to fixed rate investment can be a permanent tool to prevent future economic collapses and to reduce the size and importance of stock exchange in the economy. Companies would sell stock and ensure that at least fixed rates their stocks should guarantee investors in case of downturns. When a company degrades its performance, its stocks start becoming fix rate investments preventing a further degradation by fears in the free offer-demand rule.


If investors know that their money can be recovered at least at the levels of fixed rate investments, they would not become so eager to retreat from the stock market from falling stocks. In general the stock exchange should compensate at least to the level of fixed rates. This puts a tricky break on falling trends avoiding worsening situations.


What should it be called?

Stock Rescue System:

Governments will make Laws to ensuring that companies selling stocks would offer options to transform stocks to fix rates investments. This amendment would protect against spreading fears and any sort of retreat that spoil parties or overall functioning of the economy. Fixed rates could become a capital investment for withdrawing on investor interest.


My ‘scientific discovery’ goes back to the origin of life: US 6,766,817 p3 ln29


The appropriate dimensions and functioning of porosity can be observed in biological unsaturated systems because of their evolutionary development. Internal structures of up to 100 .mu.m in cross-sectional diameter, such as are present, for example, in the phloem and xylem vessels of plants are reliable references. But, interstitial flow between cells function under a 10 .mu.m diameter scale. It is important to note that nature developed appropriate patterns of biological unsaturated flow porosity according to a required flow velocity, which varies according to a particular organism. These principals of unsaturated flow are evidenced in the evolution and development of plants and animals dating back 400 millions years, and particularly in the early development of multicellular organisms. These natural fluid flow principles are important to the movement of fluids internally and over long upward distances that rely on the adhesion-cohesion of water, such as can be found in giant trees, or in bulk flow as in vessels. Live beings, for example, require fluid movement to and from internal organs and tissues for safe and proper body functioning.


Plants mastered unsaturated flow initially in their need to grow and expand their bodies far beyond the top surface in search of sunlight and to keep their roots in the ground for nutrients and water absorption. Plants learned to build their biological porosity block by block through molecular controlled growth. Plants can thus transport fluid due to their own adhesion-cohesion and to the special solid porosity of the associated tissues, providing void for flow movement and solid structure for physical support. Plants not only developed the specially organized porosity, but also the necessary fluid control based on hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties of organic compounds in order to attract or repel water, internally and externally according to metabolic specific requirements. Plants learned to build their biological porosity controlling the attraction in the solid phase by the chemistry properties of organic compounds as well as their arrangement in an enhanced spatial geometry with appropriate formats for each required unsaturated flow movement pattern.’


Broad Hydrological Ignorance


There is a widespread Hydrological ignorance among inventors working with fluidic applications. The Procter & Gamble Company declined any interest on my five idea applications: 11526, 11170, 11533, 11534, and 11979. But, afterwards my ideas started coming poorly inside their patent applications and I had to ask IDS like happened to 20080015531.


“When rejecting something it is important to have confidence that you do not need it, and that you have no intention to overstep such rejected boundaries. It may be a pretension to be smart or just an evidence of missing wisdom.”


This picture on the right would suggest that PG has only lay people in Hydrology working with fluidic application and that the system is very negligent to control their R&D guidelines. There is no doubt about the importance of advanced Hydrology to PG product lines dealing with personal hygiene, mainly absorption or retention of fluids on artificial porous systems.


My suggestion to Law Firms and general companies filing patents on fluidic devices is to hire experts from Geosciences so that the advanced Hydrology from my textbooks and my issued patents are respected scientifically and legally. Also, there is no other way for product development besides employing advanced science holding on textbooks more than a century and widely accepted on scientific literature.


As a scientist I have to be very disappointed with the Patenting System since I was expecting Inventors to be far more intelligent regarding their intellectual performance handling the boundaries of creation and invention.


What is the chance that a layperson flying a kite any day could develop airplanes by skirting aerodynamic principles from textbooks?


Wealth corporations are trying to manipulate with lawyers to circumvent deep hydrodynamic conceptions from my issued patents that are solidly grounded on common knowledge from my PhD text books in classical Hydrology. For example, Roche Diagnostic has a research line filing dozens of patent applications needing to develop a special porosity for blood sampling collection using Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow to drag blood toward the analytical field. What is the chance that Roche has hired a Soil Physicist or Geologist to provide accurate and advanced support on Hydrology of fluids moving through porosity?


Should I take the issue to the Court of the Law? Which Court can handle the functioning of science?

Patenting Gap


Hydrology has been neglected on fluidic devices by Inventors, Patent Attorneys, and also Patent Examiners. There is a vertical analytical assessment in Hydrology dealing with the fluid matric gradient which is the underlying conception for unsaturated flow allowing a spatial analyses approach gauging fluid dynamics in time and space. It seems that such features were never portrayed in the patenting affairs.



US 6,766,817 p. 1. line 65  ‘A fluid that possesses a positive pressure can be generally defined in the field of hydrology as saturated fluid. Likewise, a fluid that has a negative pressure (i.e., or suction) can be generally defined as an unsaturated fluid. Fluid matric potential can be negative or positive. For example, water standing freely at an open lake, can be said to stand under a gravity pull. The top surface of the liquid of such water accounts for zero pressure known as the water table or hydraulic head. Below the water table, the water matric potential (pressure) is generally positive because the weight of the water increases according to parameters of force per unit of area. When water rises through a capillary tube or any other porosity, the water matric potential (e.g., conventionally negative pressure or suction) is negative because the solid phase attracts the water upward relieving part of its gravitational pull to the bearing weight. The suction power comes from the amount of attraction in the solid phase per unit of volume in the porosity.’



6,766,817          Fluid conduction utilizing a reversible unsaturated siphon with tubarc porosity action

6,918,404          Irrigation and drainage based on hydrodynamic unsaturated fluid flow

7,066,586          Ink refill and recharging system


m i c r o p o r o s i t y                                                                                                   m a c r o p o r o s i t y 


When a fluid moves the science behind it is called HYDROLOGY and none of my PhD textbooks ever mentioned a word ‘wick/wicking’ simply because this expression is used by lay people not in Hydrology and has connotation to the combination of Hydrodynamics and Thermodynamics in the restrict functioning of oil lamps delivering fuel upward to a flame. ‘Lay people have been abusing it by skirting Hydrology and making basic mistakes like happened to US 7,285,255 hurting common knowledge on textbooks as consequence of missing appropriate background.


“– But, Dr. Silva, even a caveman knows what a wick is in the art!”

“– Indeed, he does!” So, you give him the wick of your patent application and he will test and tell you if it works on his old oil lamp. If your claimed wick fails on his oil lamp he will tell you that you got something else that is not a wick anymore. Then, your patent application is cheating the caveman, the Patenting System, and long standing advanced Hydrology Science by claiming something that does not hold any longer.



Mr. Obama, I propose you to create a ‘new science’ (Hydrotechnology) in order to exploit this gap in the patenting system certainly offering thousands of jobs and a new academic and technological area focusing on Water and Energy Cycles.



It can be defined as Hydrogeology applied to advanced artificial porosity for fluidic devices. A science to handle man made porosity and all its chemical, physical, and dynamic principles on solid:liquid;gas interactions.



1.       Hydrogeologists, Soil Scientist, Geologists, etc do not work with artificial porosity just soil and rocks.

2.       Many professionals handling fluidic devices in the patenting system have no Hydrogeology background as shown above.


Hydrotechnologists will be like Hydrogeologists working with artificial porosity and bearing appropriate background to support a creation of 100,000 to 200,000 new patents on mass flow transport as well as the scientific and technological development.


A solid new science offers long enduring safe jobs to keep talented people busy developing new technological and businesses frontiers. The solution of my problems can be extended to many others eager for new opportunities.


It seems that opportunity warrants bold challenges. I will be looking forward to discuss such ideas in case there is any interest on the subject. 



There is a strong coherence in nature functioning stating that any single problem can accept or admit many sorts of solutions with variable results. Lost and Found department works pretty well on many places returning lost objects because they were not destroyed and were found.  It seems that some money lost in the financial crisis can be tracked back to due owners and returned on a safe fashion to avoid further consequences to the global economy. Also, a permanent Stock Rescue Amendment should provide a way to prevent such situation take place again bringing a more stable economic functioning worldwide.


We are learning that a subtle huge destruction of capital in a short span can be very damaging to the economic system. It is not hard to assume that intelligent humans can organize better their way of handling their common issues.


Whenever wisdom is applied sound results should benefit many from a more coherent outcome.


Mr. Obama, you took power in the office but USPTO continues violating my issued patents in the same way since 2004. You must issue an executive order to protect hydrology from lay people harming my science and my issued patents. Let honesty ring in the mall of Washington and my science be free from lay people meddling a science they have no handle.


Sometimes government culture makes it difficult to understand a simple need to be fair and honest. Mr. President, it took me two hours to convince the Student Adviser of the Office of International Students of Penn State University in 1993 that I would never collect a fine of late payment of my ZERO dollar fees. In the second semester I failed to return a fee stating that my debt was Zero just to confirm my enrollment. The system cancelled my enrollment that had to be reinstated.  I said that I would prefer be sent back to my country than collect a fine of fifty dollars for late payment of a debt of ZERO dollar. Even many students accepted such penalty but I did not after all I was there to get a PhD and I know how to read and support reasoning.


Sometimes also scientists betray the line of honesty and fairness. Dr. Christopher Uhl refused to sign my PhD dissertation unless I removed a statement saying that ‘the soils of Amazon region were the most fertile of all since it was able to produce 20 t/ha per year of organic matter’, even though literature was always claiming it to be low in nutrients and poor.  How could any forest bearing three levels of canopy being considered poor? The soils of deserts are so plenty of nutrients having no vegetation because the temperature and water regimes do not allow almost anything to strive. When I asked Dr. Uhl do sign my PhD dissertation I already had more than two-thirds required by the rules for approval. I told him that if he did not sign it he would be expelled from my PhD thesis committee since all other Soil Science faculties were comfortable with my insights. Dr. Urh argument was about of what people would think if I said that the soil was fertile. So, he was saying that we should bend science to deceive public opinion on the functioning of nature. I do not think so. Today Dr. Uhl is a famous editor of a scientific journal. He signed my dissertation and sent a letter to my adviser saying that I was a hard person to handle. Later he refused me reference letters applying for jobs in the US. I never dreamed to be a scientist that deceives public opinion just to get wealthy and famous. I prefer dying poor and unknown than dishonoring the knowledge I took 22 years on my education building very sturdy and honestly.


Mr. Obama, it is getting your turn to let HONESTY ring on my pathway. My kids still believe that my PhD books are not different than their Harry Potter ones because government employees are not doing their jobs. I was supposed to be making millions of dollars and providing jobs to hundreds or thousands if inventors, attorneys, and examiners were decent people respecting my science.


If you made an Executive Order to close Guantanamo Bay, you can make another one to protect Hydrology Science. It is disappointing when a huge company like The Procter & Gamble investing 4 billions per year in research, and holding more than 9 thousand patents in the US refuses five offers of my patents and then my ideas start coming inside their own patents. They have a horde or near 90 Patent Attorneys. So, I had to crackdown their email system and find inventors and attorneys shamefully dishonoring my science with the blessing of US Government. I had to crackdown Patent Examiners also stepping over their Ethical boundaries because government there is sponsoring violation of science.


When a Patent Counsel at USPTO says that there is a Law that does not require the size of objects in the drawing corresponds to the real sizes, it is because he does not know what scale is. I learned it in High School and the flawed patents issued does not work in any scale. No Law can change or wave the functioning of my PhD textbooks just because they cohere with nature.


Mr. Obama, Americans voted to put you there to solve problems leading the US to a cliff.


The American situation is not going to improve by ignoring the functioning of science in the patent affairs.


People around the world are expecting you to bring many deeds toward a legitimate world leadership solving critical problem with simple and practical solutions.


Nature blesses you and the United States of America.



Kind regards,


Campinas, Brazil, February 12, 2009




Elson Silva, Ph. D.

Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 838

Parque São Quirino

CEP 13088-300 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Phone 55 *19 3256-7265









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