Monday, June 7, 2010

Thirteenth Letter to Mr. Obama on June 7, 2010

Mr. Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Obama,

Ignoring Hydrology and Oil Spill in the Mexican Gulf

Hydrology has been ignored for a century in the Patenting Affairs curbing a technological development that seems to be a keystone on hydrodynamic functioning to stop the oil leaking. This is my 13th letter sent to you getting no reply so far.

When I say that my first pat. US 6,766,817 issued in 2004 cancels around 50,000 patents and open room for another 200,000 new ones is because principles of Classical Hydrology has been ignored on fluidic devices in the patenting system for a century. Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow (wick/wicking) was coined in the scientific literature in 1906 by Edgard Buckingham to address flow above the water table updating Darcy’s Law proposed in 1853 on Hydraulic Conductivity.

Clogging the well: Detachment, transport, and deposition of particles in the mass flow dynamics were totally ignored. Instead of using mud, gulf ball, and shredded tires BP was supposed to use high density particles capable of going down the well lumen by gravity against a bubbling upward flow of 1.2 cm/s. A simple prototype trial would provide the predicted performance of sand, coarse sand, pebbles, marbles, bolts, nails, etc. Cylindrical format would enhance density reducing the dragging effect of upward flow against gravity. Nail like format gives pointed lower surface and head for efficient upright descending.

Sucking the Oil: BP made a simple mistake of ignoring that a fluid column o a mile upward becomes excessively heavy to provide enough suction power down to grab all the leaking oil. The fundamentals of Molecular Connectivity is in one of my patent applications dealing with the transfer of energy between rotating energy and inertial energy by no partitioning mass flow. Now in case clogging the well fails a potential fast and efficient solution to suck the leaking oil is to send the pumps down near the leaking to develop a stronger sucking power and push the fluid mass upward. Sucking power of pumping for a mile down due to partitioning of mass flow dynamics is highly restrictive by molecular connectivity on traction.

Since 2006 in written communication I have been demanding USPTO to stop a massive infringement on my issued patent rights suggesting the following below to USPTO:

1. Hire Examiners with background in Hydrogeology and/or Soil Physics so that they have full comprehension of fluids moving on porosity;

2. Cancel issued patents with scientific flaws. Obsolete patents are cancelled naturally by becoming outdated;

3. Make a public statement about Hydrology negligence hurting all Hydrological community as well as my project that needs experts in Hydrology to protect the content of my issued claims.

4. Compensate for my losses since as an inventor filing patents I was not expecting lay people handling hydrology in the examination process by USPTO.

5. Since USPTO is failing to protect my IP rights my patents should be eligible for time extension of their expiration dates (new demand).

6. Issue a bill requiring Hydrology be handled by Hydrologists preventing laypeople from harming standing common knowledge in the scientific literature (new demand).

7. Make people accountable for breaking the Law regarding my complaints (new demand).

Indeed it will be harmful to your reputation if the oil keeps leaking till August as you continue ignoring Hydrology Science insights which could have provided easy solutions to curb it in the very early beginning causing huge economic and environmental damage.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that down the line deep water drilling industry requires advanced Hydrology for performance and safety. When knowledge is suppressed critical problems are not addressed accordingly on the core.

Nature blesses you and the United States of America getting the consequences for ignoring Hydrology.

Kind regards,

Campinas, Brazil, June 07, 2010

Elson Silva, Ph. D.

Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 838

Parque São Quirino

CEP 13088-300 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Phone 55 *19 3256-7265



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