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Fourteenth Letter to Mr. Obama on June 23, 2010

Mr. Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Obama,

The Consequences of Cheating Hydrology

Mr. Obama, just imagine your reputation when story down the line proves that the oil spill could have been stopped in few hours if Hydrology Science had been respected. It will be hard to American conscience that this environmental damage came from a cozy association between US government institutions and wealth corporations overstepping the boundaries of honesty.

USPTO is running a cheating Patenting System harming technological innovation. I am a PhD scientist and if I apply the same article to different journals it is considered a dishonest and blatant cheating. If I change the title and apply again the same ideas it becomes a shameful unethical in science. Also, in science we use strong technological words to grab the core of our expression while in the patenting system an obscure wording and distorted multiple filings is employed to circumvent what is already granted.

Under your failing leadership USPTO continues supporting a flawed patenting system that endorses any invention be reinvented letting wealth corporations to evade intellectual property rights claiming invented ideas cheating on science and marrying technological development like is happening now to Hydrology so required on deep oil drilling industry that bears environmental risks hard to control.

Why is the soap bubble rounded?

Just because it is the most efficient geometry for the distribution of forces in nature which is so coherent on the principles.

- Just imagine if eggs were made squared like details 12 and 15 of Fig. 2 US Pat. 7,740,669!

Lay people working with fluidic devices as inventors, attorneys, and examiners are not aware on such insights from nature while this is so common in biological sciences and Hydrology.

Samsung is circumventing my ‘scientific breakthrough’ with a poor patent that clearly ignores the existence of a science called Hydrology and the IP rights over my patent US6,766,817. USPTO already confirmed having no Hydrologist as a Patent Examiner. My patent was referred but and it seem that the Examiner Alexa D. Neckel seems to be a Chemical Engineer missing Hydrogeology background.

Patent Violation: The squared details 12 and 15 in the Fig. 2 of US 7,749,669 becomes a constriction channel like showed in the shadowed region in the same feature of my patent filed four years earlier and explained deeply bearing a strong Hydrogeological background accordingly reported in the scientific literature.

So far USPTO allowed 16,316 patents on ‘fuel cells’ and it seems that none of them addressed Hydrologyaccordingly to the present scientific literature showing that US 7,749,669 is one more within a technological gap to be tackled.

Biological porosity on their physiological functioning employs no squared geometry. if Samsung wants product reliability it will have to comply to an advanced hydrodynamic functioning so plenty on text books.

I developed ‘Tubarc’ as a tube in arc contention to enhance capillarity giving a continuous lateral flow in the cylindrical geometry. To prevent cheaters like Samsung I stated that this geometry on less efficient functioning could assume straight lines. I am curious how much those inventors and examiners behind US 7,749,669 understand the functioning of phloem and xylem and Hydrogeology. It seems that they are just lay people working in a field they have no expertise taking advantage of American government failing leadership that sometimes can lead to catastrophes like Mexican Gulf oil spill when Ethics and honesty are compromised.

When fluids move as Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow the molecules are connected to each other and to the porosity surface making the rounded geometry critical to the hydrodynamic functioning as deeply explained at my issued pat. US 6,766,817.

Samsung is aware that at any time till 2024 when my patent rights expire I can bring the subject to the Court of the Law and claim IP rights having experts to provide their scientific opinion just because Science is above the Law.

Since 2006 in written communication I have been demanding USPTO to stop a massive infringement on my issued patent rights suggesting the following below to USPTO:

1. Hire Examiners with background inHydrogeology and/or Soil Physics so that they have full comprehension of fluids moving on porosity;

2. Cancel issued patents withscientific flaws. Obsolete patents are cancelled naturally by becoming outdated;

3. Make a public statement about Hydrology negligence hurting all Hydrological community as well as my project that needs experts in Hydrology to protect the content of my issued claims.

4. Compensate for my losses since as an inventor filing patents I was not expecting lay people handling hydrology in the examination process by USPTO.

5. Since USPTO is failing to protect my IP rights my patents should be eligible for time extension of their expiration dates (new demand).

6. Issue a bill requiring Hydrology be handled by Hydrologists preventing laypeople from harming standing common knowledge in the scientific literature (new demand).

7. Make people accountable for breaking the Law regarding my complaints (new demand).

Mr. President, the oil spilling is a Hydrological issue and your reputation will be associated to your negligence toward a classical science called HYDROLOGY being restrained on its technological advancement regarding the patenting affairs.

The consequences of the oil spill are already a good evidence of the problems that society is facing when honesty is ignored curbing technological development. Clogging a well from spilling oil using simple Hydrodynamic conceptions of transport and deposition of particles is an important technological edge to develop making deep oil drilling safer to the environment. There are many reasons to bring Hydrology science to advanced level in order to foster many technological frontiers.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that down the line deep water drilling industry requires advanced Hydrology for performance and safety. When knowledge is suppressed critical problems are not addressed accordingly on the core. It seems that there is no assurance that injection of mud from the relief well will stop the leaking. Perhaps Soil Science conceptions of Erosion will be needed unless you want to keep the well spilling for a long unpredictable period.

‘For the record mud is a composition of clay that would clog tiny pores but fails on rock fissures.’

There is no assurance that relief wells will halt the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and perhaps you will have to count on widely known hydrodynamic conceptions from Soil Erosion and Conservation on detachment, transport, and deposition of sediments to clog the well nearly what happened in the Dust Bowl a while ago.

For the sake of deep drilling oil industry outcome there is a need to develop well clogging approach by using counter flow deposition employing hydrodynamics conceptions from Soil Science. I believe a well could be clogged in few hours just by employing an appropriate method as the flow is upward against gravity that pulls down.

For a while I do not need to go to The Court of the Law to protect my ‘scientific discovery’ because nature is rewarding your blatant arrogance, dishonesty, and disregard of science. I have no doubt that SCIENCE is above the LAW as you reap what you sow.

Nature blesses the United States of America rewarding what is deserved.

Kind regards,

Campinas, Brazil, June 23, 2010

Elson Silva, Ph. D.

Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 838

Parque São Quirino

CEP 13088-300 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Phone 55 *19 3256-7265




D. Bruce Prout - Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP

Law Dept. - Samsung SDI CO., LTD.

Robert L. Stoll - Director of the USPTO

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – Brazilian President

José Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo - Petrobras President

Thomas Shannon, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil

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