Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fifteenth Letter to Mr. Obama on November 11, 2010

Mr. Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Obama,

Official Cheating of Hydrology Science - DISHONESTY

Why to have a patenting system if an invention can be poorly reinvented by lay people with huge pockets overstepping the boundaries of the Law?

Why to allow advanced Hydrology science be violated by lay people with no background in the art crushing a classical science important to society like it could have curbed the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the early beginning?

Sorry, ignorance is not an excuse!

You are a Lawyer from Harvard and are also the President of the USA.

Mr. Obama, so far this is my 15th letter sent you on the subject, also I sent 31 letters to Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc., 17 letters to the Patenting Firm Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry LLP, and dozens to USPTO.

As total I sent 4,521 letters and many more will come till the US learn the importance of being honest and respect Hydrology Science, one of the oldest to human knowledge. I like sending my letters to Penn State, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, etc. to let academics understand how much of their textbooks are neglected in Washington, DC. by the US government.

During my PhD at Penn State University around 1994 I was used to make some jokes as peers were masturbating and selling their sperm to fertility clinics letting females to order their DNA counterparts for procreation from a catalog. This was too weird to my background as a farmer boy pursuing to be a scientist one day:

‘No, in Brazil we are so behind in the developmental chain that we still have to make our babies at home by the old dirty traditional way. In my country we still have to chase the girls convincing them that we are the dreamed studs to plow their fertile lands with our sharpen hoes and sow our seeds as a regular routine of a hard working duty’. To the Europeans I was just saying ‘Brazilians are so deprived of memory and intelligence that this is the reasoning for having sex everyday on many approaches because soon we forget and we have to do all over again many times in order to keep safe our archaic procreation resources. But, you Europeans are so advanced, superior, and intelligent that you can have sex intercourse just yearly or once in a life time enough to fulfill your procreation duties.’ If humans could count on wisdom of the American x European combination sex and procreation endeavors would ‘regress’ to a simple routine of searching, uploading and downloading DNA archives by internet!

Ironically I have to feel so proud of being just an underdeveloped human!

As time gone by we now know that many of those sperm sellers were just losers in need of cash sometimes cheating on their profiles and even bearing genetic flaws. Now we face this fertility conundrum about human intelligence be used to spread stupidity broader in our genetic pool – welcome to new edges of modern life and persistent failing leadership!

Fifteen years later the world is learning that developed people are just irresponsible even to run the economy, are getting obese, and becoming very dishonest harming science and respect, collapsing faster by their own misdeeds and driving the world to a gloomy bankruptcy threatening human existence and a subtle balance with nature.

Mr. President, It is not a surprise that your government is losing ground from Americans as support is decreasing to 37% making your party weaker as you fail on your duties. In two years if you do not change track it is very unlikely to be reelected due to continuous critical mistakes on your leadership bringing lots of uncertainty to your own people.

The economy cannot be fixed because the system was deceitfully designed to allow common laws of offer/demand succumb to greed/fears as the trust to Americans worldwide is fading away. American companies were profiting up to 30% from the stock exchange speculation instead of production and it seems that investors around the world are weary to invest back in stock since American HONESTY is vanishing as well as huge chunk of money disappeared in the last economic crisis.

It is amazing that you set the FBI to expel for life a drunken teen Luke Angel 17 cursing you by email. But, 14 letters I sent as a PhD scientist requesting respect to science and to my IP rights at USPTO were neglected. One of my letters was even providing scientific insights on ignored Hydrology to curb the oil spill in the early beginning preventing the worst oil spill in the US history. The consequences of ignoring Hydrology are having its toll. Mr. Barack Obama, sincerely I think that you should resign as an American President due to your continuous failure as a leader of a nation that needs wise decision making reaching safer grounds. Why to wait two years and let the situation deteriorate even more? I assure you that your reputation is not protected by fussing with intoxicated brats.

Mr. President, I got PhD at Penn State Univ. in 3.5 years while Americans take 7 years and half quit on their way. Bill Clinton the speecher of my commencement was there on reelection campaign pretending that US government is serious and honest. I had to let my Brazilian institution fire me besides bumping to a ‘scientific breakthrough’ as I was aware on Brazilian public institutions incompetence to let me pursue important endeavors. During twelve years without salary I had to do my science by myself and also raise a family of 3 kids. I had to carry out more than 3 thousand experiments to be sure that my new conceptions in hydrodynamics comply with nature functioning. I was able to open a company in the US and had two American Patent Attorneys helping me to have my first patents issued. Now my IP rights are being violated by lay people in Hydrology Science having US government negligence and/or collusion overstepping the boundaries of my sound science. I do not think so as I understand the underlying malfunctioning of society.

I already sent a letter to Ms. Dilma Rousseff the Brazilian elected president. Mr. Obama, your mother was obese and got cancer like Ms. Rousseff and also my wife which is not overweight. I already told Mr. Rousseff to get fit since obesity can increase 38% chances of cancer and obesity led by Americans are plaguing the world. Ms. Rousseff seems to be a bold lady that already faced jail term fighting against dictatorship and may have a different understanding on honesty and good deeds toward governing and leadership. She knows how ugly a bad government can derail and the consequences people may suffer.

Ms. Rousseff felt on her skin the weight of corruption on government reputation since she was going to win the election in the first round but association to bribery by her substitute Elenice Guerra Chief of Staff Minister forced a runoff. Brazilian people are becoming weary about continuous corruption scandals that need some fix to have a more efficient and competent government to lead Brazil to a promising future. ENEM failure last week showed the hardship she is tackling and the importance of picking competent servants.

From one side I am glad with US pat. 7,819,822 issued to Roche Diagnostics on Oct 26, 2010 because it proves that my ‘scientific breakthrough’ works as I designed it getting some hints from nature on developing perforations on Phloem and Xylem around 400 millions of years ago. I called it Tubarc as Tube + Arc and it was issued on Jul 27, 2004 with filing date going back to Jul 24, 2001. I claimed it as a better geometry to replace capillarity and to fulfill a scientific gap still open according to the scientific literature since the fluid moves under suction in the round geometry.

US pat. 6,766,817 p 2 line 60:

‘Specialized scientific literature about unsaturated zones also recognizes this shortcoming. For example: "Several differences and complications must be considered. One complication is that concepts of unsaturated flow are not as fully developed as those for saturated flow, nor are they as easily applied." (See Dominico & Schwartz, 1990. Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology. Pg. 88. Wiley). Concepts of unsaturated flow have not been fully developed to date, because the "capillary action" utilized to measure the adhesion-cohesion force of porosity is restrained by capillary tube geometry conceptions. The term "capillary action" has been wrongly utilized in the art as a synonym for unsaturated flow, which results in an insinuation that the tube geometry conception captures this phenomenon when in truth it does not. ‘

I even provided some teaching to let lay people improve their bare Hydrological background:

US pat. 6,766,817 p 1 line 65:

‘A fluid that possesses a positive pressure can be generally defined in the field of hydrology as saturated fluid. Likewise, a fluid that has a negative pressure (i.e., or suction) can be generally defined as an unsaturated fluid. Fluid matric potential can be negative or positive. For example, water standing freely at an open lake, can be said to stand under a gravity pull. The top surface of the liquid of such water accounts for zero pressure known as the water table or hydraulic head. Below the water table, the water matric potential (pressure) is generally positive because the weight of the water increases according to parameters of force per unit of area. When water rises through a capillary tube or any other porosity, the water matric potential (e.g., conventionally negative pressure or suction) is negative because the solid phase attracts the water upward relieving part of its gravitational pull to the bearing weight. The suction power comes from the amount of attraction in the solid phase per unit of volume in the porosity. ‘

What is going on at USPTO? Bribery, Corruption, and/or Collusion ? ? ?

Mr. Max Hindenburg the Primary Patent Examiner issuing US pat. 7,819,822 allowed my invention be reinvented again totally ignoring my patent not even citing it as he was aware of it citing my patent on May 7, 2008 issuing 7,377,904. There is another aggravation since I sent many letters to Roche Diagnostics about my ‘scientific breakthrough’ and for good faith the company was supposed to have asked IDS (Information Disclosure Statement).

There is an ugly side of Roche endeavors as it can be figured out at the picture on the right regarding the appropriate geometry from the patent application 20070197937 on August 23, 2007. They had no Hydrology background to handle the issue as they learned with my issued patent, got the appropriate functioning and got a Patent Law company breaking the Law claiming again my invention since I have been notifying all involved parties on many instances.

This figure on the right has something very funny and enlightening:

So far the three inventors had no hydrodynamic input on the importance of a perfect geometry for fluid conduction. On grabbing the appropriate geometry from Tubarc US pat. 6,766,817 a fair and legal ‘scientific discovery’ in order to soften the beat the team increased to 13 inventors to spread the personal burden of overstepping with US pat. 7,819,822 supported by Roche economic resources and USPTO negligence and/or connivance:

US pat. 7,819,822, Body fluid sampling device by Calasso; Irio Guiseppe (Arth, CH), Griss; Patrick (Zurich, CH), Sarofim; Emad (Hagendorn, CH), Jaeggi; Rainer (Wohlen, CH), Kraemer; Uwe(Ilvesheim, DE), Hasker; Dave (San Jose, CA), Zimmer; Volker (Laumersheim, DE), Schmid; Wilfried (Mannheim, DE), Fuerst; Otto (Viernheim, DE), List; Hans (Hessenneck-Kailbach, DE), Haar; Hans-Peter (Wiesloch, DE), Arnitz; Theo (Waghaeusel, DE), Roe; Steven N. (San Mateo, CA)., Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN), October 26, 2010

Simply they have no handle on the Hydrodynamic properties to address the core issue. They never gauged Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity, have no idea about Hydraulic Zones, anisotropic unsaturated flow, vertical hydraulic gradient potential, molecular connectivity, self-sustaining reversible flow, molecular drainage, void ratio, pore connectivity, porosity geometry self-cleaning filtering, inertial/rotating energy addiction/subtraction, etc.

Mr. Obama, nobody can argue any ignorance on such issue as so far I sent 4,521 letters to people in the US requesting them to respect my IP rights and my ‘scientific discovery’. Only to the Patenting Firm Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry LLP behind this shameful violation I sent 17 letters. Also I sent 31 letters to Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Can anybody argue that they were not aware about the standing claims of my ‘scientific discovery’ US pat. 6,766,817 and my valid and legal IP rights ? ? ? ?

Is Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN) bribing USPTO and the law firm involved to circumvent my invention and not collect royalties ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Since 2006 in written communication I have been demanding USPTO to stop a massive infringement on my issued patent rights suggesting the following below to USPTO:

1. Hire Examiners with background in Hydrogeology and/or Soil Physics so that they have full comprehension of fluids moving on porosity;

2. Cancel issued patents with scientific flaws. Obsolete patents are cancelled naturally by becoming outdated;

3. Make a public statement about Hydrology negligence hurting all Hydrological community as well as my project that needs experts in Hydrology to protect the content of my issued claims.

4. Compensate for my losses since as an inventor filing patents I was not expecting lay people handling hydrology in the examination process by USPTO.

5. Since USPTO is failing to protect my IP rights my patents should be eligible for time extension of their expiration dates (new demand).

6. Issue a bill requiring Hydrology be handled by Hydrologists preventing laypeople from harming standing common knowledge in the scientific literature (new demand).

7. Make people accountable for breaking the Law regarding my complaints (new demand).

Why is the soap bubble round?

Just because it is the most efficient geometry for the distribution of forces in nature which is so coherent on the principles.

Then it comes the ugly side of US pat. 7,819,822 because it is so poorly written on hydrological issues. This is natural as Roche Diagnostics does not hire Hydrologists/Soil Physicists to digest the technicalities of fluids moving on porous systems. They grabbed my geometry but did not elaborate on the principles and spatial dynamics involved in it.

The underlying reasons of such blatant violation of my issued patents is a clear misunderstanding that money buys off everything including Patent Examiners, Patent Lawyers, and government employees overstepping science, ethics, and Honesty. I think that it is time to set boundaries and make examples if you intend to protect a safer future.

They are not that smart since a ‘scientific discovery’ is so powerful on its principles standing any form of distortion or manipulation. Nature cannot be deceived and wise people were supposed to be aware of it. Just imagine shrewd guys trying to circumvent Antoine Lavoisier, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, etc.

Why football was invented in England and Brazil is the land of football holding five worldcups titles while England holds just one?

The simplest explanation is that this human activity is not dependent on a patenting system, neither education, nor government seriousness. It just requires raw talent and flair to defeat the opponent hitting the net on a style that our people are teaching the world how to do it with elegance and beauty. The next worldcup is being held on my neighborhood and I am going to enjoy as I wish science were a human activity also unbiased as football. Unhappily Samba and Carnival matches the same reasoning.

Pelé is a black man king of football that won three times worldcups. The first time he was just seventeen and we are so proud of having many black people outstanding here doing good deeds to humankind. Machado de Assis was a black man born in 1839 that became a famous Brazilian writer molding our culture. You are near to become the worst black American president if you do not mend yourself as a clear feedback from your misdeed is popping up to soil your reputation.

I never cared about fame or wealth but having a regular life and doing something good. My name was not assigned to anything in my science as it is just a word my father picked and I happen to be just another one mingling with so many commoners around. There is no doubt that my science will prevail as it is blessed by nature and I just do my best to make it happen during my lifetime.

It seems that your power as American President is more to destroy yourself and compromise the future of a misguiding nation. My ‘scientific discoverycan stand by its own strengthen as you are collapsing by your own mistakes and missing a chance of delivering what is expected. The clock is ticking and in two years on reelection you will understand the consequences of your misguidance. My regret is that that oil spill could have been prevented by my science Hydrology avoiding harm to nature and human affairs. Bad people violating my discovery do not want Hydrology to serve better society, and they are so wrong, and they will understand it!

As a scientist I like a simple belief that God = Nature advising us to pursue a balance in life. But nature writes no books, demands no war, and promises no lands, even less joy afterlife. I belief that any form of government should work for its people when honesty prevails. When you misstep falling down you know that nature is in charge and a fast punishment occurs.

Dictatorship like in China can be efficient to send corrupt people for harming the functioning of society to fast capital punishment. China ignored Nobel Peace Prize but honestly speaking Alfred Nobel got all that money and wealth developing dynamite helping governments wage wars and there is nothing noble behind such prizes. Dirty money cannot make noble prizes! Putting price in science is bad also since nature does not endorse the economic profitability as many good things to humans may not be that good for money making.

I believe that China would give capital punishment instead of bonuses for the perpetrators of this worldwide economic meltdown. If China wants to grow and stand it would not let science be so shamefully violated and ignored like Americans are doing letting bad apples spoils fairness in society.

There is an ongoing struggle between power and knowledge on human affairs and a simple logic implies that wise people are so knowledgeable and independent becoming unfit to any distorted chain of power.

Mr. Obama, my former Embrapa boss Dr. Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda took me for a walk and threatened my family and took my honest job away as this is common around here as government gives job to people that cannot deliver. That day I looked deeply into his eyes and I said that the best protection to my family was just my HONESTY and that there was no other way to make them safer. Now you are aware that your biased government is shamefully violating the IP rights of my ‘scientific discovery’ regarding new conceptions of advanced Hydrogeology in the patenting affairs. Even worse, it is crushing a CLASSIC SCIENCE HYDROLOGY important to the functioning of society.

Instead of bothering with cursing drunken teens why don’t you send the FBI to dismantle this abhorrent and disgusting violation of science in the patenting system pressing charges, putting people in jail and giving a message to society that you are in control protecting values and the due functioning of society and the LAW.

My ‘scientific discovery’ will stand any distortion, but your job may fall short if your miss your duties.

Mr. Obama you will have to swallow that the aggravation of the Macondo Oil Field at the Golf of Mexico making it the worst oil spill in the American history was indeed negligence on your duties failing to protect Hydrology. This can be easily tested!

Perhaps you are fighting the wrong terrorists that endanger safety of the United States of America!

It seems that the actual threatening to American security is just dishonesty and incompetence.

Nature blesses the United States of America.

Kind regards,

Campinas, Brazil, November 11, 2010

Elson Silva, Ph. D.

Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 838

Parque São Quirino

CEP 13088-300 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Phone 55 *19 3256-7265




Douglas G. Gallagher, Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

Michael D. Young , Irio Calasso, Patrick Griss, Emad Sarofim, Rainer Jaeggi, Uwe Kraemer, Dave Hasker, Volker Zimmer, Wilfried Schmid, Otto Fuerst, Hans List, Hans-Peter Haar, Theo Arnitz, Steven N. Roe, Roche Diagnostics Operations Inc.

Robert L. Stoll - Director of the USPTO

Dilma Roussef – Brazilian Elected President

Thomas Shannon, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil

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