Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mr. Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Obama,

HYDROTECNOLOGY – Curbing Oil Spill and Mudslides

Mr. Obama, the US was a country so credible that on May 10, 1996 Bill Clinton then President said on my PhD commencement at Penn State University that we were honored of receiving the highest education that the American institutions could provide their citizens and that in the future we would be creating new jobs never imagined before. So, just after returning home and bumping to a sort of scientific breakthrough my government institution harassed and fired me for political motivation due to cronyism and oppression. Trusting the US I ended up taking my ‘scientific discovery’ there getting issued patents that now are being shamefully violated by flawed patents from lay people as wealthy parties in a country that had the worst oil spill as consequences of turning their back to a classical science - Hydrology. As you can see below many complications in the US are developing from ignoring science regarding nature functioning.

Just in the beginning of 2011 a rare rainstorm event in Rio de Janeiro State took a toll of around 1300 casualties plus extensive losses on property and infrastructure. My country spent about a million dollar on my PhD as a public employee in the US studying spatial distribution of rainfall patterns and anomalies as dissertation that was accomplished with honors. But after returning home I fell victim of an awful political persecution and fired even having a sort of ‘scientific discovery’ to pursue and outstanding scientific achievement. Brazilians in general are low educated but I assumed that coming from humble origins, speaking three languages, and having PhD in the US I would be tough enough to achieve something meaningful to make a difference to my people, but this is proving to be a challenge far beyond I could anticipate. I neither fancy fame nor wealth but just a simple pleasure of doing things right and I feel that nature is on my side rooting with simple coherence.

Ms. Roussef also did not wrestle the dictators in the Court of the Law, but grabbing the weapons she could reach. My weapon is just my scientific acumen having a deep comprehension on nature functioning. In order to pursue my endeavors I had to fight for my science instead of my job rights because of a cumbersome judiciary. Ms Roussef quit her academic career on master and doctorate to pursue public offices. So far my personal struggle ended up with issued US patent US 6,766,716 delivering new conceptions in hydrogeology fostering hydrodynamics of fluidic devices bringing classical and basic approach from geosciences to artificial porosity system and pertaining derived complexity.

New insights into hydrology are important to ease the effect of flooding and mudslide damages as well as clogging oil spill upward against gravity. Unhappily my scientific breakthrough as issued American patents are being violated shamefully by flawed patents from wealthy parties and negligent American institutions that sometimes neither work nor respect old classical science plenty on textbooks. It is appalling to have to appeal on such violations as Patent Attorneys, Patent Examiners, and Inventors are lay people in Hydrology having no handle on this ancient science plenty in the educational system; ‘Your Honor, I request you to cancel that violating patent because it is flawed and does not comply with common knowledge and due expertise on the subject. People associated to that issued patent are laypeople having no understanding of a Classical and old science called Hydrology. Your Honor, since 2006 I have been requesting IDS – Information Disclosure Statement to remind people about respecting what is already invented and granted in the same Patent Office, the same country, and the same language, the same Patent Attorney, sometimes by the same Patent Examiners that are neither Hydrologists nor KNOWN IN THE ART’’. ‘Your Honor, I also suggested USPTO to hire Hydrologists to examine Hydrological issues and the office assumed having no Hydrologists so far’.

Mr. Obama, instead of appealing in the American Court of Justice to cancel flawed violating patents from lay people, I prefer just to assume that Americans are lost on their purpose and guidance, slowly digging their own collapse for failure with unpredictable consequences for ignoring the functioning of nature – SCIENCE. Only unwise people would turn their back to science.

Ms. Roussef our Brazilian first female president does resemble my mother, your mother and Dr. Regina Benjamin, your assigned US General Surgeon 42 lb overweight, and many more millions in the same profile always getting worse on their personal health issues. The worldwide spreading obesity harms the fundamental of human survival as modern life is challenging our balance with a new landscape we were not designed to cope with during our evolution. The aggravating consequences down the line will suggest approaches to harness it as the ongoing trend according to some studies will reach 85% of obese Americans by 2040. Last January FUNAI took footage of an Amazonian tribe uncontacted with civilized culture neither benefiting from our modern world nor suffering such consequences like obesity. Their fragile way of living is in balance with nature and could endure times while ours is highly unpredictable on the power we developed to change and harm ourselves.

This achievement would be a proof of how much intelligent we really are. Instead of wasting money going to other planets or business wars we were supposed to protect our human uncontacted lineage to preserve our own seed living a sort of natural balance. With modern satellite and electronic technology we could create a sort of huge zoo, or Big Brother Show, like the Truman Show letting our human peers endure some more time without knowing that we are developed. The truth might be that they are doing much better than us happier away from junk food, diseases, stress, taxes, democracy, etc. We could profit from it planting devices in their core and learning how much better they do, like we were watching the oil spilling deep in the sea bed even my hydrology could have clogged that oil upward so easily. But we failed to nature letting it go harming our fragile environment.

My mother was misguided by the distorted values of society perishing at 53 years old still young, obese and diabetic. She was more than a housewife; she was a manager for raising eight children from which I am the sixth one of them. Her motherhood duty was immaculate having by now 23 grandchildren. She was very low educated barely reading and writing. As a churchgoer she was a committed follower convinced that God was on her side but was not spared for violating her physiological functioning. In her heart as an innocent human she always believed that lies can have a deadline. I tell my children that fitness and healthy diets must be the keystone for a long standing on their biological cycle while just praying may not be enough to appease their inner functioning. As matter of fact our worldwide present human situation can aggravate even further since my mother was neither a coach potato nor had internet molding her lifestyle.

Accumulating assets was my father creed as he succeeded by growing coffee crop. Getting wealthy and sedentary gave him expanding waist lines perishing at 73 years old from circulatory complications.

‘The father of my mother was a wise man adopting a healthy lifestyle died at 92 regretting his children were departing earlier figuring out the bleak outcome for his grand children from the modern world he saw coming through.’

Modern life is bringing machinery that replaces most human work making us sedentary, and the food system fostered by the industry might for profit is becoming less and less appropriate to our physiology. My most important accomplishment was start doing jogging since I was 22 during my masters as I ran two half-marathons during my PhD in Soil Science. I got Master in Animal Nutrition learning how to feed the animals but we do not use such advanced knowledge to feed humans adequately.

There is a huge scientific and technological gap dealing with Hydrology issue that could be addressed during your visit to Brazil in March. It was derived from the functioning of biological porosity evolution required for size expansion of multicellular beings!

How come?

First, it seems that the worst oil spill in the US history is associated with a clear negligence to Hydrology that could have provided an easy solution to clog the spilling oil using high density sinking objects against an upward bubbling flow so easy to verify and probe.

Second, Brazil needs an advanced Hydrology to understand the underlying spatial dynamics of rainfall events associated to mudslides and flooding, as well as drainage capability to control at critical places. The latest event of rainfall anomaly in Rio de Janeiro with violent mudslides and flooding is taking a toll unprecedented to Brazilian history which can always happen again getting worse.

Third, developing a new science and creating thousands of jobs to foster the economy should benefit the entire society by expanding the boundaries of knowledge present today toward new edges ignored so far by this natural human development that has its own idiosyncrasy to overcome on the progression of human evolution – Hydrology is being neglected on fluidic devices.

My ‘scientific discovery’ in Hydrology that deals with a gap associated to Classical Hydrology from Geosciences and Soil Science being neglected near a century by the patenting affairs in the US. Since my first US patent 6,766,817 issued by USPTO I noticed that the system was ignoring classical Hydrology from old accepted textbooks skipping important technical conceptions. USPTO already confirmed having no single Hydrologist to examine patent application that deals with fluidic devices. Even the patent classification system employed totally ignores classical Hydrology regarding fluids moving on porosity deeply explored by Hydrogeology and Soil Physics. There is no wick/wicking in my Hydrology textbooks. The Patenting system is getting chaotic in the same fashion as the economic system, easily violating basic sound rules. I took years and around 3,000 trials to gauge and measure what my claims bears to see Americans spoil it with flawed patents that even does not work. I do not think so because History and Nature demands respect.

‘The situation can always deteriorate like happened recently on the stronghold from parallel power in Rio de Janeiro Favela do Alemão showing the consequences of government negligence to protect the interest of society.’

I do not feel eager to work for the government but I pledge Ms. Roussef to return my taken job rights and put together resources and conditions for an advanced Hydrology in Brazil. Every year the same consequences of rainfall season strikes back with anomalies at different locations as it always does in the water cycle taking enormous tolls. Better policies and deep understanding are required to minimize the burden on people not aware of such outcome. Mudslides do not repeat as the mud flushed down just once. I feel uncomfortable by the negligence and inefficiency of public service as society needs some sort of better management of public affairs.

When I see families being decimated by events that could have been prevented or attenuated I see a deep lack of responsibility toward our own fellow citizens. As a scientist I feel sorry for humans affairs being so poorly tackled.

If Japanese technology can construct tall buildings to stand earthquakes then Brazilians also can build more suitable housing to stand flooding water as well as rapids and mudslides in the basin drainage system. This would give higher protection to citizens striving on the risky pathway of basin discharges. Damages and losses can be attenuated sparing lives and material losses learning deeper about the violent outcome of nature. Vertical housing with reinforced walls and concrete beams can make a difference to protect lives on rising waters and mudslides. All housing on flooding plans and discharge courses should be ready for the worst conditions simply being taller and stronger to protect residents on emergency events. As a Soil Scientist with deep expertise on spatial analysis and hydrodynamic functioning I see that on a long run such risky outcome can be highly minimized as precautions and actions avert blunt damage.

My new conceptions in Hydrodynamics also provide an advanced solution dealing with molecular drainage to remove enough water from the roads embankment and hill sides averting mudslides. By inserting underground draining pipes to remove excessive water avoiding a threshold that changes stable soils to floating masses easy to break downhill bringing damage to residents and properties. I only can put such technology forward if Americans respect and promote my scientific breakthrough and Brazilian government make due investments on such required issues that always will threaten Brazilian landscape from stormy rainfall anomalies.

Ms. Roussef knows what is at stake and the responsibility on duty to get enough achievement for reelection in four years. She knows about repression and the importance of public servants be efficient to serve society and well as protecting and promoting a safe future. But, she needs to be brave to face her diet problem affecting her and many millions around to work together on a change of perception and the way modern humans need to adopt for surviving in this new landscape we are building for our children challenging our natural physiology so different from where we came from during our evolution.

Mr. Obama and Ms. Roussef, my ‘scientific discovery’ seems to be so outstanding that it would allow exploring the underlying functioning of the patenting affairs. It not only cancels around 50,000 issued patents making them obsolete for ignoring a classical science Hydrology, but opens a gap for another 200,000 new patents. Similarly to the economic meltdown the patenting system has been driven to blatant distortions allowing multiple filings, blurred vocabulary, and USPTO is even assigning lay examiners to hydrology affairs giving the wrong message that inventions can be reinvented, science can be ignored and simple common knowledge perverted benefiting nobody. Probably USPTO is breaking the Law on Ethical grounds by assigning Patent Examiners to judge a very advanced technical Hydrology having no expertise on the subject. In SCIENCE multiple filing is a clearly unethical cheating while disguised vocabulary is a simple waste missing precision on vocabulary expression. Science is strong on honesty to cohere with nature functioning as well as high vocabulary precision to grab the core of fundamentals. Even worse, wick/wicking is in the patent structure classification but is not in my Hydrology PhD textbooks meaning that USPTO is out of track with simple common knowledge and long standing scientific literature.

Mr. Obama, this is my seventeenth letter to you getting no reply. Nobody can argue any ignorance on such issue as so far I sent 4,674 letters to people in the patenting system requesting them to respect my IP rights and my ‘scientific discovery’. The Patenting Firm Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry LLP behind this shameful violation I sent 17 letters. Also I sent 31 letters to Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Mr. Max Hindenburg the Primary Patent Examiner issuing US pat. 7,819,822 (left) allowed my invention be reinvented again totally ignoring my patent US pat. 6,766,817 (right) not even citing it as he was aware of it citing my patent on May 7, 2008 issuing 7,377,904. There is another aggravation since I sent many letters to Roche Diagnostics about my ‘scientific breakthrough’ and for good faith the company was supposed to have asked IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) to provide a good intention that they are not and have no intention to violate my IP rights.

What is going on at USPTO? Bribery, Corruption, and/or Collusion ? ? ?

There is an ugly side of Roche endeavors as it can be figured out at the picture on the left regarding the appropriate geometry from the patent application 20070197937 on August 23, 2007. They had no Hydrology background to handle the issue as they learned with my issued patent, got the appropriate functioning and got a Patent Law company breaking the Law poorly claiming again my invention. I have been notifying all involved parties on many instances and my issued patent should have been referred.

Simply they have no handle on the Hydrodynamic properties to address the core issue. They never gauged Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity, have no idea about Hydraulic Zones, anisotropic unsaturated flow, vertical hydraulic gradient potential, molecular connectivity, self-sustaining reversible flow, molecular drainage, void ratio, pore connectivity, porosity geometry self-cleaning filtering, inertial/rotating energy addiction/subtraction, etc.

‘This sort of thing makes me feel appalled like when a thug that steals my car just at the time to getting away with my belonging he discovers not being able to drive it!’

When you set foot on Brazilian land next March keep in mind that God is Brazilian. England invented soccer but out talent is showing the world how to play it with flair. Brazil won the worldcup five times while England just once. Why does it happen? Soccer is a human activity neither dependent on a patenting system nor on educational background, even less on government seriousness. Our executives and Lawmakers just doubled their salaries always making our democracy more and more expensive and inefficient since the government grassroots did not get such raise even to leverage them to staple conditions. So fake and mandatory is our democracy that we are forced to vote pretending we have options whom to put there when corruption takes its toll, and the public service is so inefficient that many children are finishing school while still illiterate. Ms. Roussef also did not finish her studies neither defending master nor doctorate thesis at UNICAMP. She aborted her educational career to run for political offices. After taking office as president it seems that she is starting with the wrong foot to tackle Brazilian challenges. Facing the causes is far more efficient than the consequences like in poverty, obesity, illiteracy, criminality, security, etc. In the last election I voted for a clown that was the second most voted deputy in Brazilian history and the logic behind it was quite simple. He argued that he did not know what a lawmaker does, so he was not corrupt and brainwashed yet.

Ms. Roussef served in prison and had a deep understanding on the outcome of dictatorship and mismanagement of public affairs as well as depriving citizens on doing their duties. My experience as a public servant was not gratifying as I was disappointed for not being able to do more. But, when I see oil spilling upward that easily can be clogged, families being decimated and harmed on their survival I understand that we must do more to increase government efficiency.

There is an ongoing opportunity to foster Hydrology as well as aligning the world toward fitness for healthy lifestyles. As a scientist I can say that the purpose of life is solving problems. Those ones we face today will be overcome as we get along becoming ready for new ones coming through.

Our cannibal ancestors believed that eating the brain of their competitors would give them more intelligence with a magic power. Deep reasoning on human uniqueness points out that during our evolution probably we chased and ate our cousins matching with scarce relatives nowadays. For lay people this exceptionality makes us Children of God but there is an underlying gloomy side of human joy for perverting common sense. In the past we did not know while today we just pretend to know it, but those ones to guide have no idea on what to pursue. Academics like to measure Intelligence profile by the IQ test but I prefer to judge the size of the waistline to see if any brain power has been employed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps being intelligent should be not only brain performance but acumen for self-preservation.

In the jungle there is neither a king nor a kingdom but many species striving on a complex relationship. The carnivores are on the top of the food chain with the power to prey on the lower ones, but if they get too hungry easily they can eat their chances of continuous survival making them also fragile and dependent on their meal.

In 1984 during my masters my peers invited me for a 12 min Cooper Test that I only ran 5 min. Something was missing, then I kept going and increasing it half-minute a day. Six months later I finished the Porto Alegre Marathon in 3h23min. The underlying reasoning is quite simple; perseverance to accomplish something that is necessary and rewarding on tackling vital endeavors.

Mr. Obama and Ms. Roussef, I suggest you to be aware on the outcoming over your reputation regarding the respect of science and a ‘scientific discovery’ that must lead to safe pathways on human deeds as transparency and people power for demanding is getting a modern shape with new edges on communication technology.

‘Life is a game for survival as pursuing a balance must be the keystone’.

Kind regards,

Campinas, Brazil, February 14, 2011

Elson Silva, Ph. D.

Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 838

Parque São Quirino

CEP 13088-300 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Phone 55 *19 3256-7265

Email: el_silva@uol.com.br



Dilma Roussef – Brazilian President

Thomas Shannon, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil

Robert L. Stoll - Director of the USPTO

Roche Diagnostics Operations Inc.

Douglas G. Gallagher, Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

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