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Protecting Hydrology Science from REINVENTION

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Para: Elson Silva, PhD
Assunto: RE: {SPAM?} Protecting Hydrology Science from REINVENTION

Mr. Silva, has anyone ever called you a nutcase? Are people out to get you? Are you having some trouble keeping up with your medications?

Steven V. Owen

University Professor Emeritus

Educational Psychology


Dr. Owen,

Since you are a University Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology I suggest you to watch these videos below and tell me if my medication is the same as yours.


Elson Silva, PhD

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Para: Victor
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I just want to say, again, how much I agree with you on this issue and cannot believe the university I'm paying $25,000 a year to just simply, reinvented your patent.

I'm not sure you are aware, but am working on getting a degree in hydrology at UConn. I can't believe how they are treating this field of study, it is complex and difficult to master, they should be kissing up to us.

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Para: Tubarc
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Protecting Hydrology Science from REINVENTION

Dear Dr. Silva,

I have read several of your emails that you have sent to the science students at the
University of Connecticut. Being a student here myself I know how much they emphasize the honesty policy and what they say to us is simply a lie. From looking at your blog it seems that you know the exact professor here who stole your ideas and manipulated them for himself. I see that you have tried to take legal action, but it seems to not have worked. What if you directly sued the professor or perhaps the scientific department at the University? If that does not work maybe I can try and help you find a way this can be arranged legally. I understand the troubles the government is giving you and if I were in the same position I would be doing the same actions as you.

Xxxx Xxxxxx

Mr. Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Mr. Obama you are an asshole deeply fucking science on such incompetence to perform your duty and guide your country.

Son of a bitch Lawyer from Harvard, politely I already told you many insistent times that I do not want my science Hydrology dishonored and violated so shamefully harming the functioning of society as well as ignoring the RULE OF THE LAW! So now we go down to history when a SCIENTIST has to appeal cursing the US President ordering him compliance and respect to SCIENCE. I never cared about wealth or fame but seeing my ‘scientific breakthrough’ dishonored blatantly by greedy fat cats, lay inventors, and corrupt US officials is just untenable and harmful to human endeavors.

Killing the soul by cursing might be even more efficient than killing the flesh by empowering weapons. Brazilian President Ms. Roussef took weapons and served time to fight against dictatorship for the rights to choose. But the rights to choose our leaders degraded becoming mandatory as the candidates fail equally in the same corruption pattern making democracy something inefficient and expensive to protect the functioning of Brazilian society as our leaders seem so derailed on their guidance having no idea on what to pursue. In Brazil we have to pretend we are democratic but what is missing to all governments in general mainly in the US is just HONESTY.

Giordano Bruno was burned alive facing up the biased faith to protect knowledge while now I must step up to confront corruption harming Hydrology science functioning. I am not worried if you send people to shoot me and my family like you did to Osama Bin Laden just to increase your poll rates. Shit, if the goal was just to make money I suggested Roche just to bribe people at the Treasure Office by simply printing the bills instead of colluding with USPTO soiling science on intellectual property affairs poorly reinventing what I already did so grounded on classic scientific principles. China dictatorship has something that I personally admire as the power to send fast to death penalty those corrupt greedy criminals that spoil the functioning of society. It seems that China has to grow and personal individuals cannot derail it like the US is doing lately. China is so imposing that if the country figure out that obesity is a problem in few years everybody will get slim again and never ever a Chinese leader would assign an obese person to solve obesity problems simply because leaders must provide honorable and sound models to new generations on precious goals to pursue.

As you are aware I am a PhD scientist fucking your ass and not a teen 17 years old like Mr. Luke Angel that was drunk and quickly expelled from the country on September 2010 for calling you a prick by email. You are fucking your country and the world altogether for such incompetence and disrespect to society functioning. I am a scientist pursing a sort of SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY deeply rooted on government negligence, corruption, and collusion. I spent 12 years on a project that gave me no single penny because of HONESTY shortage on US government affairs. You are far more than asshole and prick as I carried out more than 3,000 trials to be sure that nature agrees with my new conceptions of Hydrodynamics. So, lay and corrupt people are overstepping my scientific acumen to harm what humans have the most precious – decency and glare.

Protecting Hydrology Science from REINVENTION

Mr. Obama, I sent you already 16 very polite letters requesting that my SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY be respected and not be reinvented again by lay people that does not understand it, by corrupt Patent Examiners judging a complex scientific issue they are not KNOWN IN THE ART, by a negligent Patent Office clearly betraying and dishonoring the principle of inventions allowing REINVENTIONS even with flawed patents from wealthy parties bearing clear technical mistakes that ignore common knowledge plenty on textbooks. They are so stupid and corrupt that I advised them many times not to violate my IP rights with flawed patent that bear mistakes so easy to verify. No, the damn prick scams do not care about respecting the LAW and SCIENCE.

Prick, you were supposed to reply my polite letters ( acknowledging my requests by providing a feedback like any public employee do on their regular duties.

Asshole, your predecessor allowed the economic system meltdown wasting 20 to 40 trillion dollars erasing millions of jobs that is deeply screwing your country and the entire world altogether. You allowed the oil at the Gulf of Mexico to spill while Hydrology my science that you are dishonoring could have clogged the spilling flow just using simple principles of hydrodynamics like I suggested in one of my POLITE sent letters. Those asshole lay people used golf balls and shredded tires to clog an upward flow against gravity instead of using high density sinking geometry through a well lumen 4.5 km in the seabed 1.5 km underwater.

Bastard, also I told you that a simple equation must fix all the economic system for good protecting Laws of offer/demand being harmed by combined effect of greed/fears: investment = investment + profit

I did not invent a new can opener! My scientific breakthrough (US Pat. 6,766,817) developed new conceptions into Hydrodynamics to update textbooks addressing Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity mentioned in only 24 issued patents so far. Today Thermal/Heat Conductivity is mentioned in 79,991 issued patents, Electrical Conductivity is mentioned in 58,931 issued patents while lay people address fluid moving on porosity as wick/wicking in 27.471 issued patents ignoring Hydrology knowledge. Wick/wicking is in the patent classification system but not on hydrology textbooks.

This left figure shows that Roche does not employ any Hydrologist or Soil Scientist to understand the deep functioning of fluids moving on porous systems, even less the rounding geometry. So, they learned with my patent, copied it and poorly reinvented it certainly bribing and corrupting US officials, as well as ignoring my pleas for HONESTY under the Law. The violation is so despicable that the Patent Examiner allowing the violation already cited my patent earlier and the technical background is so poorly handled that the Hydrology scientific community is going to become mesmerized by such nuisance. How they did it? They employed same procedure like Mr. Rupert Murdock hacking the phone system in UK and electing the prime minister there, collusion with government people and institutions clearly overstepping the boundaries of The Law. I am not stupid as the whistleblower is dead just suggesting how such scams handle the issue. I am curious on how much you are involved with this scandal in the patenting system as top technology deals with a mammoth wealth but if mishandled curb creativity.

I told Roche and put more than 4,000 of their emails on my blog ( ) that If they have this power to bribe US officials on money making, they should be smarter and bribe people at the Treasure Office by printing the bills. Stealing my invention poorly is just impossible as knowledge cannot be recreated even less by those ones not known in the art missing critical background and expertise.

Mr. Obama sincerely speaking, you are deep an incompetent asshole. You assigned as General Surgeon Dr. Regina Benjamin a Physician 42 lb overweight to guide Americans against their growing obesity trend that is always going up. How could a professional that does not employ herself the deep understanding of a healthy lifestyle convince Americans on doing otherwise? Even worse you assigned your wife Mrs. Obama a Lawyer to lead a fight against obesity with youth. You are simply implying that Physicians do not need to be healthy while Lawyers can meddle on Health issues. Oh my God. I do not want lay people handling Hydrology on patenting affairs because there is a deep background requirement already taught at many educational levels. Lay people are just empty in their mind on what to do and how much they understand it. Asshole, if Lawyers handle Laws, why non-Hydrologists can meddle and mess Classical Hydrology?

Well, you got a Nobel Peace Prize award as you are fostering wars lobbying with the weapon industry. Let’s be honest with the world after all Mr. Alfred Nobel became very wealth developing dynamite and helping governments on WMD explosives technologies to wage wars decimating millions of humans. Mr. Nobel was not working with Hydrology. He made another huge mistake putting price on science driving scientists toward greed instead of pursuing a balance with nature. That is funny. I like to evaluate human intelligence not by IQ on brain performance but on how broad is their waist to see if any brain power is employed on their own good protecting their physiological functioning from modern life effect. There is a sad conclusion simply insinuating that humans are not adapting to the new landscape being created. We were supposed to protect those uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest that are not affected by our modern life. Those humans have no cancer, no obesity, no electricity, no junk food, no cars, no clothes, no salt, and no need of oil or atomic nukes. Also they have no need of universities to pretend we are learning and understanding what is going on. They are simply in balance with nature while we are not!

This is an order son of a bitch. I want those bad people out of the system because I will not allow Hydrology Science be so shamefully desecrated as you are driving human existence to the rift. According to a predicted trend when obesity in the US reaches 85% by 2040 you will notice how ugly negligence to nature turns out. Lack of fitness also reduces brain power developing people with less perception on how dumb they are becoming - Neurogenesis. Those scams are insinuating that the Law can be broken if you are wealth, judges do not need to understand what they are judging, and invention can be reinvented.

I am a patient man since by now I already sent near 5,000 letters to many parties demanding respect to Hydrology. A faculty at University of Connecticut simply copied my patent and reinvented it again besides many lawful requests for disclosure to many people around there. So, I sent emails to about 70,000 people at Uconn and posted their emails on my blog asking the world to come after them just requesting honesty and respect for science (

Perhaps you can use your power and influence to blow a nuke on your own ass instead of coming here bothering me on my peaceful place. I am just another one mingling with so many commoners. Perhaps my HONESTY can be a threat even more than Osama Bill Laden an ex-CIA affiliate to American ‘security’. I am just a scientist trying to let my science deliver something good to human existence, but fucking stupid Lawyers like you are just harming this development to human affairs harder than expected because of this subtle struggle between knowledge and power ignoring HONESTY.

I am curious on what you are going to do with this letter since it is going to spread over as the communication power allows it. The good point is that young people will learn about the hardship of being an HONEST scientist. Awareness need to be developed that without HONESTY few things would work for humans down the line.

Once I suggested you to step down but now I have doubt if Americans would have any better option to guide them to a gloomy future as you can screw their future faster than anyone else.

Perhaps you are neither bad nor do it on purpose; it is just a lack of brain power to handle it better.

I was thinking of developing Hydrology even further after all my scientific breakthrough cancels around 50 thousand patents and open room for another 200 thousand new ones. Unhappily the patenting system is simply biased. Besides inventing something and getting issued patents inventors still need guts to hold people balls and kick their asses as corruption is overspread allowing their inventions being reinvented even by flawed patents from wealth parties with power to circumvent and collude.

USPTO is fucking all technological development allowing REINVENTION. The patent laws are good, but people like Mr. Murdock just overstep it to get advantages blatantly and shamefully ignoring the RULE OF THE LAW. How hard is it to compel that invention cannot be reinvented, issued patents must be respected, and well as common knowledge on scientific literature cannot be ignored?

People at USPTO are so negligent and incompetent. They confirmed having no Hydrologist to judge hydrology, implying that Examiners do not need to understand what they are judging. The asshole said that my LEGAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS was going to be simply ignored because USPTO did not have experts KNOWN IN THE ART of Hydrology, one of the oldest sciences to human kind. USPTO has around 6,000 Patent Examiners and none of them is a HYDROLOGIST.

I am simply curious to know how much worse you are going to lead your country before you start picking the right paths. People in Oslo just learned how efficient the modern system can breed psychos harming so many innocent ones. Just imagine the upgrade if you bred a psycho like this one near your nukes, that could be a hell of damage at home on your own face.

People are so stupid sometimes. You can hack a phone and even elect a prime minister. But, can you steal a ‘SCIEINTIFIC DISCOVERY’? Can you cheat on Albert Einstein, Newton, Lavoisier, etc?

Human mentality may not have budged much since Giordano Bruno outcome burned in the pole just shifting from faith to business and the same vultures preying and spoiling human glare. Socrates was forced to swallow his own poison for challenging the biased ruling power. He preferred to perish facing the system dying than fleeing.

You can be sure that I dislike this letter much more than you do, but I understand the underlying functioning of human mind that made us so unique in the animal kingdom. Instead of Children of God, we probably chased and ate our cousins during our evolution and now we are threatening the fundamentals of our existence by misguided leadership. You were supposed to have brain to do much better than what you presently are doing. Hydrology is protected but human future is so uncertain.

Former President Bill Clinton on my PhD commencement on May 10, 1996 said that we were going to develop new technologies and provide jobs never imagined before. He did not predict how much his successors would screw up so badly such endeavors with a gloomy outcome hitting the land of opportunities making the American Dream an unpredicted Nightmare.

FYI: Science simply deals with the functioning of nature as neglecting it means overstepping the principles of human existence.

Inventors need to know the hardship of inventing something when government fails on its duties colluding with wealthy parties.

This is funny!

The weapon industry would get bankrupt soon if people started cursing instead of shooting. Indeed, such a change would deserve a Nobel Peace Prize award when human differences are dealt with swearwords instead of guns. Well, my faith to Mr. Nobel is nil as life is a constant war for surviving while wisdom gives us insights on which contends to undertake.

When you read US Pat. 6,766,817 you will understand who I am and why I struggle to get through.


Campinas, Brazil, August 18, 2011

Elson Silva, Ph. D.

Av. Dr. Júlio Soares de Arruda, 838

Parque São Quirino

CEP 13088-300 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Phone 55 *19 3256-7265



Dilma Roussef – Brazilian President

Thomas Shannon, U.S. Ambassador to Brazil

David Kappos - Director of the USPTO

John Conyers, Jr - U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary

Philip E. Austin - President of University of Connecticut

Roche Diagnostics Operations Inc. - Patent Department

Ecolab, Inc. - Research Center

Press outlets

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