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USPTO Conspiracy V – A Shameful Plot on IP Affairs

USPTO Conspiracy V – A Shameful Plot on IP Affairs

Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow’ from Edgar Buckingham (1907) updating Henry Darcy (1856) is mentioned by 6,766,817in the American patenting system for the first time, deploying Hydrogeology/Soil Physics to the fluidic devices developing artificial porosity conceptions for Hydrodynamics.

Scientific Breakthrough – Water dynamics through soil porosity was a fresh understanding on my PhD background in Soil Science working with spatial analyses of rainfall distribution in the Amazon Basin in 1996. Hydraulic Zones was a common knowledge I learned in many disciplines at Penn State University, especially Hydrogeology. In early 1998 I was helping my wife tending her African Violets at home making them lush by flooding and draining in a basin. To make the process practical with many flower pots I used cords for ‘wicking’ irrigation. Then, I realized that the cords were made of synthetic fibers and potentially a sort of permanent stable porosity as plastic can resist to biological degradation. The insight was a permanent interface between the Hydraulic Zones Unsaturated/Saturated tenable by an advanced porosity of cylinders that could be modelled with longitudinal prevalent flow. It was not hard to grab that those nylon cords would fail on oil lamps as a ‘wick’, not resisting to the high temperature of flames, burning and deforming. Epistemology of science was contriving an etymological requirement regarding a precise compliance to the conception by deducing that, a fluidic device that fail as a wick cannot be called wick. Furthermore, the classic science Hydrology provides a complex hydrodynamic functioning far beyond oil lamp profile of a porosity feeding fuel to a flame that must be resistant to high temperatures of fire. Exploratory analyses by a hanging drying paper on a wall could portrait this visual spatial dynamics. And, a plastic pot with dried soil would assess the maximum unsaturated flow velocity and water retention dynamics for this granular porosity system. Then, I filed a patent in Brazil and in less than a year the first product was marketed. In the manufacturing process of self-watering flower pots it turned out that around 100,000 pots were failing because the cord braiding was too tight squeezing the pores leaving no room for water movement. Learning with perforations of Xylem and Phloem on sap vessels I had this simple idea of moving the pores inside the fiber upgrading capillarity to an enhanced porosity I dubbed ‘tubarc’ standing for tube + arcTubarc would be more resistant to tight braiding also allowing a continuous lateral flow from the cylindrical structure protecting a longitudinal continuous pore in the core. Afterwards I noticed that lay people behind wick/wicking neither understand Hydrology nor the functioning of oil lamps disclosing a huge technical gap lasting more than a century on fluidic devices. Few people know that wick/wicking is Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow moving fluid upward to the flame as this technical expression so common in Soil Science was totally ignored by inventors so far.

Oil lamps take about 15 ml/h of kerosene to feed the flame while an African violets consume about 1 ml/h of water to replace the evapotranspiration rates. The highest fluid flow gauged on artificial porosity was 2.18 mm/s of Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity (6,766,817).

Conspiracy on Reinvention – In partnership with two American Patent Attorneys I opened a company in the US getting issued patents on my ‘scientific breakthrough’ outstanding enough to path the fundaments for a new science I call Hydrotechnology, the hydrology of artificial porosity. Later my partners quit the project arguing that in the US small parties have no chance against the big bully parties. I thought that science was serious and strong enough to stand by itself but now I can realize their decision on such issue. Bill Clinton then American President was on my PhD commencement on May 10, 1996 delivering his first speech for reelection. He said that we were endowed with the highest education that the American society could provide to their citizens as we were going to develop new technologies never imagined before. The underlying truth on leadership is just depressing as Bill Clinton few weeks later was doing oral sex with Monica Lewinsky intern in the White House office. Penn State president Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno coach were covering up a wave of pedophile abuse that lasted a decade letting Jerry Sandusky abuse disadvantaged boys at the university facilities where I got my PhD. President Barack Obama assigned a near obese lady Dr. Regina Benjamin as General Surgeon to guide Americans on a fight against obesity an issue she was failing personally to achieve a balance in the modern landscape. During my PhD I ran a half-marathon in 1h26min. Following this embarrassing trend misguiding human affairs Roche Diagnostics was trying to develop an enhanced porosity for lancets to collect blood for glucose test. Figure 6 shows undoubtedly that their scientists had no idea about spatial geometry for fluid conduction missing Hydrogeology insights. So, Roche learned with my patent, copied it, and reinvented again many times like Fig 12 in collusion with USPTO and Law FirmsThe positive side is that I indeed created something outstanding for human kind to endure eternity borrowing insights from the beginning of life. The negative side is that instead of thanking me and rewarding my achievement on many years of hard working so I can continue my project developing it further and further. Instead they prefer to steal it with lazy and flawed patents and arrogance colluding with corrupt government officials that are failing disgracefully on their duties. USPTO allows multiple patent files for the same invention, assigns lay examiners covering up their technical background. USPTO is supporting a wave of broad reinvention plot many times with flawed patents from wealthy and lay inventors pretending they know what they are doing, also like Illumina, Medtronic, Carefusion, and many others. As a scientist I must know my own species and the broad range of human absurdity achievable as most scientists do not understand nature principles mainly honesty. Those people do not understand how honesty is powerful on guiding human affairs, like water falling from the sky draining back toward the ocean feeding a water cycle that is unique and never pretend a skewed profile. Humans learn how to respect nature as babies when crawling and learning about gravity so they can walk complying with basic laws of human existence regarding walking mechanics. The punishment for disrespecting nature on missteping is right away on a fall feeling the body smashing to the ground and reaping the rewards for such negligence. A failure to a scientist is the creation or a proposal of a theory or hypothesis that is not endorsed by Mother Nature on its complex functioning that constantly challenges human abstraction for deduction. Honesty is the sole key to peek and grab nature hiding secrets subtle to those ones ignoring the principles.

Geological Porosity is the first generation of porosity that was created around 2 billion of years ago in the weathering of rocks making soils with a random distribution of particles. Biological Porosity, as the second generation of porosity is more organized and was created about a billion of years ago by live beings growing in size needing to cycle fluids internally in the tissues developing appropriate channels. Tubarc Porosity becomes the third generation of porosity having a spatial geometry modelling with a prevalent longitudinal flow. It borrows insights from Hydraulic Zones of geological porosity and biological porosities in the functioning of perforations of Phloem and Xylem, as well as human limitations to handle matter at molecular level. Tubarc enlightens a deduction of new hydrodynamic properties like molecular connectivity on self-sustaining reversible fluid supply/drainage in the interplay between Hydraulic Zones employing advance porosity functioning.

I was wondering if in my lifetime man would be able to craft fluidic devices with tubarc conception I engendered. More than that, as humans are so resourceful that recreation is being invented, perhaps a New Theory of Knowledge, by creating the same things over and over just playing variable Etymology. Not surprising as humans also invented Gods that write sacred books, promise lands and even life after death, sometimes demanding killings in its name. Life after death was a soothing theory to send our children to their death on wars for conquering/defending our communities. Furthermore, they are daring and deceiving to claim that humans were made like God insinuating we are not just one more species among so many in a complex nature functioning. Simple coherence points out that the underlying truth is very disappointing as the main reason for humans being so dominant in the Animal Kingdom had been our capacity to destroy and eat most our similar ones during our evolution. We are so exclusive changing the landscape because of our overwhelming destructive power. A more positive outcome down the line is achievable when HONESTY becomes the keystone for humans pursuing a balance with Mother Nature halting a broad range of pretension that we know. We solved a starvation dilemma by creating a new problem called obesity coming from excessive food and machinery that replaces our muscles. Fattening our bodies building reserves of energy does not make sense when most humans sleep in a bed a few steps away from a fridge so plenty of food. It seems that life is indeed a problem solving game with plenty of challenges to make our survival a continuous adventure toward eternity.

Absurd 1 – I am not a Hydrologist. To be honest none of them is a Hydrologist since neither wick/wicking nor microfluid can be found on Hydrology textbooks. All those people violating science, breaking the Law and colluding with USPTO on reinvention and brainwashing is familiar with water science just by washing hands and taking shower. Paul Yager, PhD is a Chemist mentioning wick 54 times at his patent application (20150361487).The size of this shame can be gauged on numbers as today Jan 10, 2016 wick/wicking is mentioned in 35.499 issued patents while Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow is mentioned in just 42 issued patents. It can be observed that my three issued patents were the first ones to deploy Hydrogeology to the fluidic devices in the patenting system (6,766,8176,918,404, and 7,066,586). (De: John Mehl [] Enviada em: sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2016 16:56 . . I don’t know why you would send this to me. I am a chef, not a hydrologist. Please remove me from your email list. Thanks, JOHN MEHL, Executive Chef & General Manager, McMahon 8, Housing & Food Services – UW Dining). So, I have no need to send emails to Hydrologists.

Absurd 2 – Lawyers are meddling with science as they do not write PhD theses! Dr. Stroock is a scientist at Cornell Univ. that got his PhD at Harvard. He sent me this reply: ‘Dear Dr. Silva, ‘...  If you have a point to make about my treatment of hydrological concepts, I ask that you take the time to explain your specific points of disagreement.  I note that my work is better represented in my publications (available at than in patents, as the lawyers have been translated the latter into legalese that I do not understand.’ Just imagine if Albert Einstein, Antoine Lavoisier or Henry Darcy get patents on their scientific achievement but would not be able understand the language content on their issued patents on ‘Theory of Relativity’, ‘Equal Mass Law Equation’, or ‘Darcy’s Law’ assuring intellectual property protection from US government.

Absurd 3 – USPTO assigns lay examiners to judge issues they have no understanding. Arlen Soderquist a Patent Examiner claiming to be a Chemist scientist from Utah is confident that he can examine Hydrology even having no background about this old classical science. I am curious on how much Hydrology the Department of Chemistry of University of Utah provides to their students. This is the way Dr. Soderquist sees Hydrology; very funny and so different from the scientific literature and basic textbooks of Hydrology so plenty on libraries. He does not know that gravity exists affecting the Hydraulic Gradient Potential. The Saturated Zone is the bottom (fluid fuel) and the Unsaturated Zone is on the top as the fluid moves upward to the flame (wick). My deceased father a coffee farmer with two years of schooling knew about it as we used many oil lamps. He knew that the flame was on the top and the fuel deposit was in the bottom, and that the fuel would move upward as we had to refill it once in a while!

US 6,766,817: p. 1 line 65
‘A fluid that possesses a positive pressure can be generally defined in the field of hydrology as saturated fluid. Likewise, a fluid that has a negative pressure (i.e., or suction) can be generally defined as an unsaturated fluid. Fluid matric potential can be negative or positive. For example, water standing freely at an open lake, can be said to stand under a gravity pull. The top surface of the liquid of such water accounts for zero pressure known as the water table or hydraulic head. Below the water table, the water matric potential (pressure) is generally positive because the weight of the water increases according to parameters of force per unit of area. When water rises through a capillary tube or any other porosity, the water matric potential (e.g., conventionally negative pressure or suction) is negative because the solid phase attracts the water upward relieving part of its gravitational pull to the bearing weight. The suction power comes from the amount of attraction in the solid phase per unit of volume in the porosity. ‘

Why USPTO is a sham system designed to conspiring and cheating harming any technological development?

  1. USPTO hides the technical background of Patent Examiners as we do not know how much they are known in the art for judging the boundaries of technical issues for inventions (Epistemology)
  2. USPTO allows multiple applications of the same invention collecting more money from wealthy parties and letting some of them get through by lay Patent Examiners
  3. USPTO assigns lay inventors that allow reinvention with flawed lazy patents from wealthy parties colluding with corrupt dishonest Patent Attorneys and Patent Examiners.
  4. Inventors are forced to sue wealthy parties violating their issued patents sometimes with flawed patents feeding a surge of Lawyers and bureaucracy that plunder on this ongoing conspiracy.

Is it possible to reinvent the same thing over and over varying inventors and/or dates?

Is it a new Theory of Knowledge that we can reach invention^n on many folding dimensions of creation?

I am a scientist, but did I miss anything during my PhD at Penn State Univ. regarding Philosophy of Science?

Academic and Corporate Pillage on Hydrology Science

Stanford University123456
Princeton University IIIIIIIV          

CareFusion Corporation - Assaulting a ‘Scientific Breakthrough’  US Pat9,067,036 June 30, 2015, US Pat9,205,220 December 8, 2015 – reinvention with serious scientific flaws by lay people colluding with USPTO
MEDTRONIC, INC. is Ignoring Hydrology Science

Patenting System’ – On Sep. 16, 2007 I sent a letter to Ecolab, Inc. advising them that their patent application 20070212281 (Sep. 13, 2007) was violating mine US 6,766,817 (Jul. 25, 2001), and that it had a compromising scientific flaw failing to deliver fluid. I got no answer, but I also sent a letter to USPTO notifying about this blatant flaw and violations. In the Fig. 1 water only drips if the porous device crosses the water table reference downward from the Unsaturated to the Saturated Hydraulic Zone. I got a reply from a USPTO Lawyer saying that there was a provision Law allowing the size of the drawings be different from the real final products. I replied saying that my technical schooling at High School taught that parallel lines never meet each other at any scale employed. My initial assumption was that the background of USPTO patent examiners could be lower than High School standards. Perhaps, even worse as High School students would go back and diligently fix their mistakes as obvious as a scale detail. My surprise was that this patent application was issued afterwards on Oct. 23, 2007 (US 7,285,255). So, to make it appalling, it was filed again on Jan. 24, 2008 (US 20080019865) and issued on Mar. 2, 2010 (US 7,670,551). My deep learning about such human issue was that ‘sometimes people are so dumb that you must refrain to tell them simply because they miss enough intellectual power to understand such a complex and deep explanation’. It becomes a waste of time to elaborate on how stupid they are because they will not be able to grab it. Then, the simple question is:

Why would somebody want to file patents claiming an invention that is flawedfails, and was already invented grounded on advanced scientific background? (I must admit that within my deep logical reasoning I cannot find any simple answer to such inquire; illiterate people do not write patents, as literate people are educated enough to avoid such embarrassment. They must be aliens from another dimension pursuing a different logical functioning!)

Then, I was expecting that the academic environment would be different as faculties usually are PhD and highly committed to honor, respect, ethics, and complying with the Law. Universities have libraries and access to common knowledge preached on text books and classrooms. But, Dr. Amir Faghri and Dr. Zhen Guo working at the former Fuel Cell Center at the University of Connecticut believed that Hydrology from their Library could be ignored as well as my patent rights at USPTO when issuing US 7,625,649 ‘Vapor feed fuel cells with a passive thermal-fluids management system’. It was sent many letters requesting IDS of US 6,766,817 to many faculties and IP management team at Univ. of Connecticut. Nobody there felt any urge to respect neither Classical Hydrology nor the Law on already issued patents on the subject. Looking at the drawings it looks like it was a straight lousy copycat by a PhD faculty showing arrogance and how stupid he can be by ignoring a ‘scientific breakthrough’. I have no idea why faculties want to work with fluid ignoring an old and classic science Hydrology. Dr. Zhen Guo got his PhD at Florida International University in Mechanical Engineering working with fuel cells filing a patent (20060046123) with his advisor Dr. Yiding Cao showing that they had no idea about fluid dynamics between Hydraulic Zones. At least they abandoned such flawed patent application!

I am curious why graduate students get PhD titles not learning about Philosophy of Science: Epistemology, Metaphysics, Logics, and History of Science. I had to school myself about the background of my title.

It is funny as there is no microfluid in Hydrology Science. I found Microfluidics at Wikipedia but the prefix word ‘hydro’ is never employed in a long explanation text with 56 references:
Microfluidics is a multidisciplinary field intersecting engineeringphysicschemistrybiochemistrynanotechnology, and biotechnology, with practical applications to the design of systems in which low volumes of fluids are processed to achieve multiplexing, automation, and high-throughput screening. . .’
How is it possible to work with fluids in micro dimension ignoring Hydrology, the science of fluids? No need to learn about Hydraulic Conductivity, Hydraulic Zones, Capillarity, Hydraulic Potential, and so on! How is it possible to address fluid dynamics without Hydrology? 

Why would any scientist work with microfluid Ignoring Hydrology textbooks? Dr. Vera Gorfinkel never studied Hydrology in her full life and had no single Hydrology reference to show that she did her homework on background requirements. Education: Ph.D. in Physics & Mathematics from A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute St. Petersburg, Russia, 1980, M.S. (with honors) in Semiconductor Physics, Saratov State University, Russia, 1973. (8,231,844) Method and device for manipulating liquids in microfluidic systems. Dr. Gorfinkel invented Tubarc again neither knowing Hydrology with any citation nor US 6,766,817.

Carnegie Mellon University ignores Advanced Hydrology, the Law, Ethics, and Honesty. Complex Engineering on hydrodynamics is confused on geometries between squares and circlesDr. Fedder, PhD, is proposing a squared geometry in order to control fluid dynamics employing ‘Capillary Action’, which comes from the cylindrical structure conception – capillary’. How much brain power is required to realize that ‘capillary action’ is a cylindrical geometric conception to capture unsaturated hydraulic flow when the solid surface of porosity pulls fluids upward against gravity having a suction or negative hydraulic flow? Frankly speaking can any capillary be squared? It seems that Nature opted for rounded geometries since the beginning making the sun, earth, cells, veins, trunks, etc, all rounded and rounded. Dr. Fedder empty skull is also rounded!

I got PhD in Soil Science at Penn State University as the University former President Graham Spanier and famous Joe Pa more than a decade let disadvantaged boys being raped in the university locker rooms in order to keep the money a fame coming steady. Now Carnegie Mellow is just raping science and shamefully cheating on Academic Affairs in collusion with USPTO shameful reinvention policy. Dr. Gary K. Fedder the Director of the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES) got B.S. and M.S. from MIT in 1982 and 1984, obtaining in 1994 PhD at the University of California at Berkeley. I had to carry out more than 3,000 experiments till 2001 when I was ready to file my American patent which was then published in 2003, and issued on 2004. Dr. Fedder filed his lazy patent in 2006 and requested Nonpublication option to keep it a secret till 2013 (8,501,117) waiting 7 years expecting my project to vanish.

Dr. Fedder never studied Hydrology having no idea that in 1856 Darcy Law proposes an equation to address Hydraulic Conductivity and that in 1907 Edgard Buckingham proposed a change to address Unsaturated Hydraulic Flow (wicking for lay people). He is not aware about Hydraulic Zones, pores connectivity, anisotropic flow, etc. In order to be loyal to nature functioning I proposed tubarc standing for tube + arc, as a sort of upgrade to capillarity allowing lateral flow important for general porosity functioning. The soap bubble is rounded as it represents the most efficient distribution of forces. Squared format works also, but it is not at the best performance attainable!

My recent conclusion is that lay people behind wick/wicking neither understand HYDROLOGY nor the functioning of oil lamps!

University of California, Princeton University, and many others are trying to address fluidic devices by ignoring Hydrology Science as well as issued patents like US 6,766,817. I was aware of this shortcoming that I quoted this:

US 6,766,817: p. 2 line 60:
‘Specialized scientific literature about unsaturated zones also recognizes this shortcoming. For example: "Several differences and complications must be considered. One complication is that concepts of unsaturated flow are not as fully developed as those for saturated flow, nor are they as easily applied." (See Dominico & Schwartz, 1990. Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology. Pg. 88. Wiley). Concepts of unsaturated flow have not been fully developed to date, because the "capillary action" utilized to measure the adhesion-cohesion force of porosity is restrained by capillary tube geometry conceptions. The term "capillary action" has been wrongly utilized in the art as a synonym for unsaturated flow, which results in an insinuation that the tube geometry conception captures this phenomenon when in truth it does not.’

Concepts of unsaturated flow can be developed by employing artificial porosity between hydraulic zones with a longitudinal continuity far more consistent and advanced than the granular porosity of rocks and soils. The fluid moves reversibly into a response of the hydraulic gradient which can be outlined to work under gravity conditions or a more complex setup always exploiting molecular connectivity on fluid dynamics.

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